September 6, 2007: “We came so close to WWIII that day”

25 October 2007: It does not matter whether you believe the next “all out war” will be called WWIII or WWIV. What matters is that we were perilously at that very precipice on 6 September 2007. Bone chillingly close, as a matter of fact.

Most Americans will probably stare blankly at you when you mention the events of September 6, 2007 - until you ask them to read the following article written by James Forsyth and Douglas Davis. They provide a bone-chilling account that supports the intelligence we provided on this web site following that event.


A meticulously planned, brilliantly executed surgical strike by Israeli jets on a nuclear installation in Syria on 6 September may have saved the world from a devastating threat. The only problem is that no one outside a tight-lipped knot of top Israeli and American officials knows precisely what that threat involved.

Even more curious is that far from pushing the Syrians and Israelis to war, both seem determined to put a lid on the affair. One month after the event, the absence of hard information leads inexorably to the conclusion that the implications must have been enormous.


If Israel’s military strike on Dayr as Zawr last month was surgical, so, too, was its handling of the aftermath. The only certainty in the fog of cover-up is that something big happened on 6 September - something very big. At the very least, it illustrates that WMD and rogue states pose the single greatest threat to world peace. We may have escaped from this incident without war, but if Iran is allowed to continue down the nuclear path, it is hard to believe that we will be so lucky again.