U.S. & NATO Alliance with Turkey in Extreme Peril

“The vote that Pelosi wants will most assuredly bring full-scale war to a region where none exists this morning.”–Sean Osborne

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By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

15 October 2007: The U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), has declared her intention to force a vote on a Congressional resolution which declares the deaths of a million Armenians at the hands of the declining Ottoman Turk Empire as genocide.

Cooler heads in the U.S. Congress, State Department and the White House, as well as regional and continental allies, fully understand the critical issues and complexities of such a vote. They have warned in unambiguous terms that proceeding with the vote and passing such a resolution risks destroying the core of the special relationship and alliance that the United States has maintained with its strategic ally Turkey. This would potentially cause irreparable damage to the NATO alliance at a critical time when Turkey’s membership in that alliance is essential.

The Democrat Speaker of the House could not have chosen a more politically expedient vehicle to destroy the sum total of American and Coalition accomplishments in Iraq over the past 4 years than an insistence upon a vote declaring the 1915 Ottoman-Armenian conflict to be unilateral genocide. Kurdish northern Iraq has been the most stable area of the country. A threatened Turkish invasion would radically change that situation for the worse. The vote that Pelosi wants will most assuredly bring full-scale war to a region where none exists this morning; doing to the Kurds militarily what Saddam Hussein’s military was unable to do for the 13 years between Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

The long-standing strategic relationship between the U.S. and Turkey would also be lost. The joint U.S.-Turkish air base at Incirlik would witness the Americans packing their bags for a rapid, currently unscheduled departure.

This issue has not come to a vote in a binding resolution for the past 90 years specifically due to the multiple adverse effects it would have. Yet the only rationale that Pelosi is able to fathom is the damage that vote would do to American interests in the region. Apparently for Pelosi and the Democrat radicals in Congress the risks of a larger regional war and potential deaths of hundreds of thousands in the region are of insufficient consequence to their agenda and domestic political objectives.

Where’s the anti-war crowd now?