Amateur intelligence delivery methods by web sleuths, not White House, responsible for intelligence “snafu”

White House may be responsible for a lot of things, but not this…

10 October 2007: The “al Qaeda video leak” causing so much consternation in intelligence circles is not only shameful, but is being used to cast a good deal of blame where it does not belong - at the White House. At issue is the Osama bin Laden video of September 6 or September 7, 2007; the details of which are well summarized in an article by the Washington Post here.

In fact, investigators with the Northeast Intelligence Network watched this series of events unfold, after one well respected and long-time researcher and contributor to this agency had already properly secured and provided the bin Laden video information to the appropriate contacts at the appropriate government intelligence levels. Therefore, having “no dog in this fight,” the Northeast Intelligence Network can objectively offer insight into this intelligence morass with unsurprising findings. This isn’t designed as a finger pointing or blame assignment session, but instead perhaps a stimulant or suggestion for some in the privatized intelligence industry to review the order of their priorities involved in this War against Islamic terrorism, with the highest priority as being human lives.

The stories circulating around this most unprofessional folly shows that some within the cottage industry of web sleuths suddenly turned intelligence professionals created by the 9/11 attacks include individuals and entities who are more concerned with fame and “credit” than the safety and security of our country. And when the priorities of these people become so twisted, with their rush to media fame so pervasive, it is just a matter of time before such an incident causes problems for those individuals and organizations who continuously provide sensitive data to intelligence officials without EVER talking to the press or expecting “credit” for their intelligence finds.

Simply put, there is a correct way that the intelligence industry works - thus critical in order for it to work effectively. The bottom line is that if you have intelligence for dissemination, you are responsible for the controlled dissemination of the same at your control level. An “open to all” intelligence buffet on a supposedly secured server is out of the ordinary, by any professional standard. If you didn’t secure the data then you shouldn’t be surprised at the identities of the recipients of said data.

Now, the non-existent “leaks” have turned some White House officials into impromptu plumbers, as detailed in today’s edition of the Washington Post. Most assuredly, they have much better things to do, but must now reconstruct the events surrounding this issue because of the need for some to seek the media spotlight at any cost, despite the serious nature of the mission.

Although our agency provides reports on the very events we reference, it is only after a very specific vetting process is completed, with those who are responsible for the security of our nation. Oftentimes, we here at the Northeast Intelligence Network do not publish our intelligence data in its purest form at the request of our government contacts or simply due to sound judgment. This is typical in both the investigative and intelligence industry, and is done to avoid compromising the investigation and surveillance of a source Internet portal, or site. Nonetheless, we manage to get the information to our readers without causing the enemy source to “go dark.” After all, it’s much easier to watch and observe, than to chase a source underground and attempt to find that source again (Surveillance 101).

That procedure notwithstanding, our analysts, researchers and investigators conduct our independent analysis and investigations, answering to no one, only after the initial information has been properly placed in the hands of government officials. In taking this extra step - a step that requires little effort or causes little delay, our process assures that no one breaks a limb running to the media to be the “first” to break a story.

As true American patriots with our priorities in order, we at Northeast Intelligence Network are not committed to selling subscriptions and garnering web visitors if the real price for these things can cause an intelligence breakdown or has the potential to jeopardize ongoing investigations and compromise an intelligence portal into the enemy camp. We simply do not believe that our fellow American’s lives have such a small price tag.

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