New Osama Bin Laden Audio Tape Released

23 April, 2006: A new Osama Bin Laden audio tape has been released, and is currently being aired on Al-Jazeera. While not officially authenticated, reports are that the tape is authentic, and created within the last four to five weeks.

The main message of this tape appears to be that by cutting off its funds to Hamas, the West has proven it is “at war with Islam”. Bin Laden describes a “long battle” with the west, and that the war is the responsibility of citizens, as well as governments.

More information will become available, as analysis and translation continue.


The website has posted a synopsis of the ten main points on topics Usama bin Laden apparently touched upon in the excerpts released by Al Jazeera. Here is the link to the article and list posted by Walid Phares:

In addition to Walid’s observations… I’d like to take this opportunity to make a couple of my own. Long held in reserve, this is as good an opportunity as any to let ‘em fly.

1. What HAMAS election victory in areas currently under Palestinian Authority control proves is that some Islamist’s or Muslim’s do not regard Al Qaeda as “The Base”, the “end all”, nor the final word on issues which are localized issues.

In fact, in both the PA as well as in Iraq and in Afghanistan the vast majority of these Muslim populations opted to express their political enfranchisement by voting contrary to the whim of the totally out-of-touch leadership of Al Qaeda. These majority-Muslim people participated in a form of democratic practice which was born of US and allied blood sacrifice, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, or by direct American and allied diplomatic exercises as in the case of the Palestinian Authority’s election.

These are real-world facts the ilk of Usama bin Laden simply cannot get their heads around. What this also means is that there are tangible fissures and cracks in what heretofore has been the conventional wisdom regarding some Islamist monolithic construct. They have their differences - very exploitable differences at that.

2. Usama bin Laden has blamed the American electorate from the get-go. Remember his “kill American’s where ever you find them” fatwa? It was made public back in February of 1998. American elections were not a concern of Usama’s back then; Usama bin Laden could not have cared less who we voted for or what issues mattered to us - then or now. Besides, some American’s are Muslim’s which is in effect just another in a continuing series of Islamic finger-pokes-in-the eye of Al Qaeda’s collective leadership.

3. Sudan. Yeah, it’s in Africa just like Somalia is in Africa. We remember the defeat of Task Force Ranger in 1993 Mogadishu - and we still have an IOU payback coming to AQ for their actions there. Perhaps that payback comes in Darfour region. Maybe, maybe not. But rest assured - it’s coming.

The rest of the list of topics covered by Usama bin Laden continues very much as expected. Usama has said all or most of it before, and his words are apparently becoming as boring to myself as they are to the masses of Muslim’s the world over who are also fairly blatantly ignoring him.


I like Walid Phares’ synopsis; it’s very much on the mark in my opinion, but I thought it could have gone further - which is why I have added what I have added to the mix.