Iran, Islam and Democracy

Have a Blessed Easter weekend. If you choose not to worship this weekend, we don’t plan on killing you for it.

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

15 April, 2006: Iran’s president “startled the world” this week, by stating that Iran is only a couple of weeks away from having enriched uranium. The entire world press immediately went into a debate whether this was in fact true and whether this means they will build a nuclear bomb with the materials.

It’s amazing, and borderline amusing, to watch the media scramble every time this Iranian mouthpiece Ahmadinejad opens his mouth. Then, to top the week off, the Iranian puppet goes on to speak about how Israel will be destroyed.

We instantly have the ‘heads on the tube, on both sides of the debate, on whether Iran has nuclear weapons, whether the uranium means that a weapon is going to be built, and whether this means war to be imminent with Iran. I firmly believe that Iran has nuclear weapons, and has had them for some time. Russia provided these in exchange for money to rebuild their government after their collapse. The real issue, however, isn’t the enriched uranium. It’s deeper than that. Let’s focus on the real issue. Islam, and the radical spread of Islam is the issue. First and foremost, if people don’t openly recognize that Iran is the seat, the root, the base of all the Islamic related terrorism in the world, we might as well be discussing cookie recipes or home improvement issues.

We are “dancing around the donkey” in every sense, yet we are refusing to pin the tail on that donkey. It is imperative that people look slightly past the imminent nuclear issue, and realize that the threat is Islam and the nuclear weapons are only a method that will be used by Islam in their quest to destroy the “western” world: the people of religions outside of Islam. It really doesn’t matter if the delivery of death is nuclear, biological or chemical as these are only weapons that will be used by these dealers of death against the people of the world.

The nuclear issue simply makes it an: “in your face” issue. Granted, it may provide the catalyst we need to bomb them back to the stone age, but if we decide instead to try to overthrow the government and install a democracy like we did in Iraq, we will have failed to do what needs to be done to save ourselves from this poison called Islam that is slowly destroying the world.

In simple terms, the issue is Islam and Iran is the base, the source of the poison.

Once we realize and accept that peace in the Middle East is an exercise in futility and that Muslims not only don’t want democracy, but also don’t know how to live under or operate a democratic government, only then will the picture become very clear. It’s like handing an idiot $1,000,000.00 to spend, and being shocked when that idiot is penniless within a few months. Islam and democracy don’t mix and cannot coexist if the primary factor and ruling party is Islam. The entire theme of Islam is to control the people, their lives, who and when they will worship. In fact, there isn’t a single aspect if Islam that is conducive to democracy or a democratic government.

If you want to create a true democracy, Islam, private militias, clerics and imans have to be removed from governmental power altogether. Islam and the teachings of Islam are no model for an effective, rational, democratic government. Islamic militias are dangerous because they operate outside any established government and are controlled by some sheikh, imam or cleric that changes his mind every 72 hours based on greed and power.

The point I’m trying to make is that unless you plan on removing Islam from the governmental structure, you cannot install a democracy. On the other hand, western governments and true democratic societies such as ours have been able to intertwine government and religion fairly effectively only because of the freedom of religion and the freedom that allows people to worship their God in their own way. Islam isn’t the basis for these effective rational governments. Islam has no place in these governments.

Before some clown emails me and says that this is why we should embrace Islam here in the United States, lets get the qualifier in place. I said “religious freedom”. Islam isn’t a legitimate religion unless you want to lump it into a Jonestown type cult and try to call it a religion. Islam doesn’t have a thing to do with freedom of any kind, so it would be difficult to see any benefit from accepting it here as a model of any kind. True Islam is a death cult, a Nazi-like following that refuses to coexist with Israel and refuses to coexist with any other religions. Therefore, it is disqualified from the legitimate religion list.

Let’s face the facts, people. Wherever there is Islam as the dominating factor, there is death and destruction. Islam brought death and destruction to our cities and the Pentagon in 2001. There is no denying this simple truth. We have been inundated with this Islamic propaganda ever since by design. It is part of the overall battle plan. Hitler did the same propaganda campaign in Germany before taking over. Every time you turn on the television, there is Islam this, Islam that. All of it related to terrorism and radical notions from our own people here that there is a place in our freedom based society for this farce. We are under a full frontal attack by Islam right here in this country through their attempts to gain entry in to our government, our judicial system and our communities. The key attack word is “tolerance”, fully expected from us towards them but not vice-versa. In the Islamic countries Christians are being abused, tortured and murdered. They want this to occur here as well.

I realized why the Americans that have converted to Islam wear the caps on their heads. It is to keep their heads from exploding under the pressure of trying to be a Muslim in a truly democratic society. It is the impossible equation, a paradox, like trying to keep an open flame and gasoline in the same room. Moderate American Muslims are the “hippies” of Islam. They talk about peace, love, tolerance and tranquility while in the back of their minds they are full of internal conflict because they aren’t being true to their faith. It’s actually funny to watch, because I’ve noticed that when they are around other Muslims, they act differently. I attribute this to fear: the fear that they will be “found out”. Maybe it’s fear that word might get back to their homeland, which could result in retribution against their families. Maybe fear of retribution here. Yeah, that’s a great way to live.

By the way, have a great Easter weekend. If you choose not to worship this weekend, we don’t plan on killing you for it. Someday we may win you over, by your own free will. It’s your choice, your freedom.

Be well. Stay safe.