NJ police caught, released terror suspect sizing up I-80 bridge

UPDATE 13 September 2007: The Northeast Intelligence Network had the man’s name yesterday. Investigation using special databases found “more than one” individuals using that name or close variations thereof.

Man identified as Imran H. Ahmed.

Police have confirmed to this agency that the above name is on the terror watch list, and confirmed that is the name of the individual stopped, but will NOT confirm if the man identified is on the watch list…

12 September 2007: A man who was questioned by New Jersey State Police on Monday and then let go after he was found taking photos of the Delaware Water Gap bridge was later discovered to be on the FBI’s national terrorist watch list.

The unidentified man, of Middle Eastern descent, claimed he was on vacation with his family after he was spotted on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River photographing the bridge, which connects Interstate 80 between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, said Monroe County District Attorney E. David Christine.