OUTRAGE: Justice Dept. funding co-conspirator at convention

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

27 August 2007: Just when you think it cannot possibly get more bizarre, it does. The obviously bipolar United Stated Department of Justice - the same entity that is prosecuting the Holy Land Foundation for Relief & Development and has named 306 unindicted co-conspirators for that trial, is knowingly co-sponsoring a Chicago Labor Day event hosted by one of the co-conspirators.

If it is not complete incompetence at the highest levels of the United States Department of Justice, it is criminal collusion, with DOJ lawyer Susana Lorenzo-Giguere giving the proverbial finger to every American citizen by responding to this act by saying that “Chicago is lovely this time of year.” The ever-tenacious Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson outlines the sickening details, including the flippant, in-your-face remarks by the DOJ rep in her article HERE.

Every American needs to read the article, and every American who gives a damn about the future of this country needs to be outraged enough to make their feelings known to the Department of Justice.

It is absolutely mind-boggling.