Security heightened in Dallas after reports of suspicious incidents

20 August 2007: Since the beginning of the criminal trial against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development last month, police and federal security officials for the court have identified a number of suspicious incidents that have taken place in Dallas – and most appear to be directly connected to disrupting the largest and most significant terror funding trial ever to be conducted against a Muslim charity in U.S. history.

A law enforcement official in contact with the Northeast Intelligence Network identified approximately ten incidents, some still under active investigation, that appear to be directly connected to the trial taking place on the 15th floor of the Dallas federal building. One example includes a report of a man appearing to be of Middle Eastern origin casing a TXU plant near the downtown Dallas area on two separate occasions one day apart. The TXU plant supplies power to downtown Dallas.

Other reports of suspicious activities by men of Middle Eastern appearance in downtown Dallas are also under investigation. In a possible related incident, the lead prosecutor in the case against the Holy Land Foundation, U.S. attorney Jim Jacks, had his car vandalized at his home in North Dallas.

Security has been increased accordingly.