28 years ago: Islamic thugs, 52 Americans, no end in sight… Today: no end in sight

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4 November 2007: Bahrain’s crown prince, in interviews to British newspapers published yesterday, said Iran is developing atomic weapons or the capability to do so. This is the first time an Arab state in the Persian Gulf has openly accused Tehran of lying about its contentious nuclear plan, the Times of London said.

“While they don’t have the bomb yet, they are developing it, or the capability for it,” Sheik Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa told Times correspondents in the Bahrain capital Manama.

Look at the man - Ahmadinejad. Look at the stated objectives of the man and the Islamic country. A quarter-century ago, it was 52 American hostages held by Muslim believers for 444 days. Today, it is the Islamic regime holding Israel, America and non-Muslim states hostage. Their tactics are slightly different, but Ahmadinejad has not changed. His goals, and those in his regime of the annihilation of Israel, the extermination of the Jews, and overall world domination have not changed. Neither has the blindness or wishful thinking by some in our administration that they will.

Written in 2005 - nothing has changed: Iran + Islamic Theocracy = Terrorism; What Else is there to Investigate?

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

[b]1 July 2005:[/b] The White House said today that it has unearthed no evidence so far that Iranian President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was involved in the 1979 siege of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Perhaps they should consult Ahmadinejad’s own web site, which is in Farsi. Granted, both Islamic terrorists and slick politicians lie, but why would he boast about his role in the 1979 take-over if it was untrue? Islamic terrorists enjoy that “in your face” tactic, so it is very reasonable to believe the claims of several former hostages that Ahmadinejad played a role in the hostage “crisis.” If I spent well over a year as a hostage of Islamic terrorists, you can damn well bet that I would remember each and every one of my captors for as long as it would take me to exact revenge. You can also bet that I would spend the remainder of my life hunting each of them down, especially if my government has not.

It’s time for the “P.C. Crowd” in the U.S. to realize that the government of Iran is a primary sponsor of Islamic terrorism, and you cannot reasonably negotiate with terrorists. It is difficult, however, to identify terrorists for what they are when you have the American media calling the current Iranian vice president and head of the Environment Department, Massoumeh Ebtekar “Sister Mary.” She, of course, was the chief interpreter and spokeswoman for the Islamic terrorist thug students who took over the U.S. Embassy and held 52 Americans - and America hostage for 444 days. You might recall that the good “sister” was the terrorist mouthpiece who spewed venomous nightly interviews during the standoff, calling the hostages “spies” and accusing the United States of committing crimes.

sistermaryShe’s no “sister” - she is an Islamic terrorist. So is Ahmadinejad. What is there to investigate?