Mysterious substance spread from small plane (Conflicting reports)

31 July 2007: UPDATED: Evolution of a story: Officials are now blaming Detroit Edison Company’s Monroe Power Plant for a discharge of coal dust from one of its smokestacks for the dispersal of a talcum-like substance, described as ranging in color from white to tan to brown, covering cars, porches and other surfaces around their homes. Investigators are also stating that the presence of a small plane flying in the area was merely coincidental. No official determination on the actual composition of the substance has been publicly released.

31 July 2007: Between 8:00 and 8:30 A.M. Monday, a low flying private plane dispersed a “white powdery” substance over the Bolles Harbor area of Monroe County, Michigan, south of the Detroit/Dearborn area on the eastern shore of Lake Erie.

Law enforcement officials are trying to determine to nature of that substance, samples of which have been collected and were sent to the Michigan State Police crime lab for analysis. Also notified and are involved in the investigation is the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Some witnesses have described the substance as tan or off white and having the consistency of talc.

An investigation is continuing.