Senate Democrats Kill “John Doe Protection” Amendment

Credit: unknown

20 July 2007: No doubt voting under the influence of special interest advocacy groups with deep pockets such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) - along with a hefty dose of pure stupidity and overall lack of understanding of the threat facing our country, Senate democrats essentially killed the “John Doe protection amendment” last night. The amendment, introduced by Rep. Peter King, would have provided protection from frivolous lawsuits for people who report suspicious behavior in matters of national security. The amendment needed 60 votes, the magical number that represents a “super majority” for an amendment that is not specifically related to a bill on which it is attached. It received 57 votes, with 4 senators failing to vote at all. Most notably, three of the four senators who failed to vote were Senators Barack Obama, Sam Brownback, and Dianne Feinstein; The painful details of this legislative abomination are outlined in an article written by Audrey Hudson of the Washington Times.