Muslim terrorists and their bomb making instructions on the Internet

“Finding Nemo”… how Muslim terrorists taught car bombers

2 July 2007: The video instructions for the construction of the London car bombs were uploaded to file servers on the Internet months ago by Muslim terrorists, knowing that the successful construction and implementation of the bombs would kill hundreds, if not thousands of innocent men, women and children. Knowing that authorities and intelligence analysts are looking and searching for such instructional videos, the publishers hid the files in folders titled “Finding Nemo,” hoping that they would be overlooked by searchers. Finding Nemo, of course, is the popular animated children’s movie released in 2003, making the terrorist tactics somehow seem even more hideous to the average person.
Single propane tank (highlighted) after being rigged with detonator
Image copied from 12 minute instructional video

Instructions on the construction of detonator; frame copied from videoThe bombs in London, as well as the bomb used at the Glasgow Airport, were made in the same manner, indicating a not only coordination of efforts, but originating from the same bomb-maker or instructor.

As reported by the Northeast Intelligence Network Friday, the bombs, consisting of propane tanks hooked in tandem with one another, gasoline and nails (the latter used for added deadly effect) also closely follow the instructions based on the research of now-jailed UK terrorist Dhiren BAROT. BAROT is the convicted Muslim terrorist who spent a year researching methods of bomb making, and authored a 39-page explosives manual titled Rough Presentation for the Gas Limos Project.

The plot involving BAROT also called for the same types of vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs)to be used inside the United States. Due to the nature of the failed car bombs in London as well as the attack at the Glasgow Airport, U.S. intelligence officials are on heightened alert, considering a higher chance that a renewed incarnation of the “BAROT Plan” might be entering an operation phase against targets in the U.S.

Above images copied from instructional videoIt is important to note that these files were initially found and submitted to authorities by independent counter-terrorism analyst “Archangel,” a contributor of intelligence data, analysis and editorials to this web site.

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