Unambiguous Common Sense about ‘The War

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

15 June 2007: With the so-called “Main Stream Media” awash with news of HAMAS overwhelming, yet eminently predictable victory in the Gaza Strip, I feel the need to reiterate some long-known truths.

First, it is necessary to provide some definitions. The current conflict is defined simply as “The War”. The War is now and always has been engaged between the forces of a pluralistic and nominally democratic world and the ideology of expansionist Sunni or Shi’a Islam.

Secondly, whenever the word “Islam” is seen by an English-speaking person, that person must understand that the correct translation and meaning of the word is “Submission,” to mean the total submission of individual will to the Muslim god Allah. This is the difference between Muslim Submitters to Allah, and Muslim Apostates and the difference between Muslim Jihad’s and Arab Nationalists.

Third, a question: Why was this Hamas-Fatah war fought at all? The answer lies within the result of an ill-conceived plan known in Israel as “disengagement.” The Gaza Strip was territorially defined in the armistice lines drawn after the 1948 war between Egypt and Israel to delineate Egyptian and Israeli territory. Israel then conquered this land from Egypt in the subsequent Six Day War of June 1967. The disengagement from Gaza plan was executed in 2005 with the unilateral pullout of all Israeli civilians and the abandonment of their homes and settlements from what had been sovereign Israeli territory since the 1967 war. In fact, Gaza is Israeli territory won in battle from Egypt that is currently occupied by HAMAS.

With regard to current media reports on the documents reportedly captured by HAMAS and said to detail the CIA’s activities in this region, this is not news. Many of the CIA activities and assignments referenced have been covered in fairly good detail in the “main stream media” over these many years.

From the 1990’s Clinton Administration forward to the present the CIA was the agency-in-charge of bringing FATAH (Harakat al-Tahrir al-Watani al-Filastini), which was the late-Yasser Arafat’s leading faction within the old PLO, up to all manner of standards required to implement certain protocols of the 1993 Oslo Accords, then the 1995 Oslo II Accords, and ultimately the 1998 Wye River Memorandum. These standards ran the gamut from assessing and mediating security matters between Israel and the PLO, to financial transactions and accounting, to distribution and receipt of weapons, etcetera, etcetera. Again, this is no great secret by any means, and has been an overt CIA responsibility as reported in world media numerous times.

Fatah and its allied factions, such as the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, nominally accepted those multiple and ultimately failed accords from the onset merely to serve as a vehicle to achieve their primary agenda objective: the total elimination of the State of Israel and establishment of a “Palestinian State” in its place. However, HAMAS, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) rejected those accords outright.

What we had then and what we have today at each others throats are two distinct ideologies. Let me be perfectly clear on this critical point, BOTH are top-tier terrorist organizations. However, one is more correctly identified as a secular Arab nationalist set of factions within the Palestinian Authority, (Fatah, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades) who pretend to be Islamic jihadi’s, and the other a true Islamofascist jihad group (HAMAS). BOTH have the same ultimate agenda but hold to fundamental differences in timeline methodologies to achieve their objectives. For these differences as well as for the possession of absolute power over the Palestinian people they wage war and slaughter one another in gangland execution style. The HAMAS-FATAH conflict has occurred sooner rather than later due to the direct influences of Iran and their Syrian allies upon HAMAS.

With specificity to the documents HAMAS claims to have captured. It goes beyond all credulity to believe that the CIA kept its most classified and regionally sensitive files in the vaults of an organization the US government (the Department of State to be exact) has maintained in the alphabetical but number three spot on its official list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations? (See: http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/fs/37191.htm )

Clearly this exposes the fact that the US government will deal with some murder in cold-blood terrorist groups because it is politically expedient to do so. The government of Israel does the same, so too the European Union, Russia, all nations for that matter will deal with some terrorist groups and wage full-scale war on others. It’s the nature of the beast of this world be live and try to survive in.

Key Judgements

Most apparent and important with HAMAS’ total victory in Gaza is that the biggest loser is not really Fatah or the Palestinian Authority. The biggest loser is the USA followed by Israel. We’re the big losers due to our being forced since the Clinton administration to acquiesce to the hitching of our international wagon to a U.S. Government-acknowledged foreign terrorist organization. The CIA’s role in this scheme was to escort this Palestinian wagon across unknown territory and into the “Promised Land” of a Palestinian State. The problem is that it is the same territory upon which Israel has existed in its entirety since 1948, and then after enlargement in 1967. This politically expedient agenda of America’s has been morally bankrupt from the get-go. Apparently the words on our currency, “In God We Trust”, are not entirely accurate. How can we trust in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel) when we are making deals with the very agents of evil who seek Israel’s ultimate destruction? We can’t. Period. However, we did, and as a nation we’ll rue the day we relinquished our responsibility to our God and His Sovereignty.

The difference between Fatah and HAMAS is clearly evident in the way HAMAS slaughtered the Fatah after taking the Preventive Security compound in Gaza City. The Islamist HAMAS fighters executed the secular and nationalist Fatah and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades fighters because they are apostate Muslim’s in HAMAS theological view. The Fatah and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade fighters are not true Islamic Jihadi’s - they are secular Arab nationalists with Islamic nomenclatures. The same kind of summary executions have been occurring in Iraq for some time now. The same kind of summary executions occurred in Iran by the hundreds after the return of Ayatollah Khomeini in February 1979.

Both groups have the identical goal of the destruction of the State of Israel. For Fatah and Al-Aqsa terrorists this goal was long-term and thinly disguised with pretensions of peaceful coexistence with Israel, the “peace of Saladin”, if you will. For the Iran and Syria-aligned HAMAS terrorists this goal was and remains a short-term objective. It is apparently a goal they believe they can achieve in the next few months. Any reasonable forecast of this goal will foresee a much larger regional war now that control of Gaza has been achieved by the Islamofascists.

Therefore, unambiguous common sense about “The War” is that we are losing it because both America and Israel have not and are not fighting the war that needs to be fought in the Levant/Eastern Mediterranean or in Iraq. It’s all the same war. Is there any ambiguity in that what has befallen the people of Gaza will befall the people of Iraq should America cut and run? How is Israeli disengagement from the Islamofascist terrorists in Gaza any different from American disengagement from Islamofascist terrorists in Iraq? America as a whole did not see this fact prior to the congressional election of 2004. Hopefully hindsight is as 20/20 as the adage goes. Given the Iranian intent to launch an apocalyptic Middle Eastern war in the near-term, let’s hope we’ll be around to execute its lessons in November 2008.