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Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE: Profile of a Potential Islamic Terrorist?

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs


Broward Sheriff’s Office arrest webpage on Abdelaziz Hamze.

Notice that this perp is rightfully charged with PREMEDITATED MURDER.

According to the 2006 Florida Legal Statutes, Title XVLI, Chapters/sections 782.04 and 775.082 predmeditated murder is murder in the first degree which is a capital felony. Conviction of a capital felony in Florida is a death sentence.

5 June 2007: To me, there is much more to the story which broke just yesterday of the vehicular homicide/murder in the first degree of Sandra Hall, 44, of Ft. Lauderdale by Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE, a 24-year old naturalized American citizen from Lebanon.

UPDATE 10 June 2006:The Lebanese origin of HAMZE is according a South Florida Sun-Sentinel report citing Jaime Hamze, a family member married to his cousin:

Jaime Hamze said Hamze was probably trying to get to Lebanon. He and his brother left Lebanon to attend college in the United States, Jaime Hamze said. Their parents followed later.”,0,5041951.story?coll=orl-home-headlines

There is enough here that my gut instinct is telling me there may be significant Islamic terrorist connections, and this man, his immediate family and associates need to be investigated and profiled extensively.

The following are the details I have been able to develop and confirm through intensive research over the past 12 hours. On Sunday night at about 10 PM, Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE, a naturalized US citizen from the Middle East (Lebanon) rear-ends a Cadillac driven by Michael Williams with his white Dodge Caravan. Williams was in the process of pulling over to investigate a possible broken headlight when struck by HAMZE near Riverland Road on Route 441 while northbound in Ft. Lauderdale. Williams proceeds to follow HAMZE as he flees the scene of the fender-bender accident. The ensuing chase winds through at least one residential neighborhood before returning to Route 441 northbound. It is here, at a stoplight in heavy evening traffic, that Williams approaches HAMZE’s vehicle, he is joined by his fiancee and passenger, an incensed Sandra Hall.

HAMZE begins to flee again, but this time Hall latches onto the hood of the Dodge Caravan and refuses to let go even as Williams unable to pull her off. HAMZE then accelerates to a reported 70 MPH as Williams sprints after the vehicle on foot for the next two miles. Sandra Hall looses her grip during this segment of the incident and falls under the Caravan, becoming wedged under the vehicle chassis and is dragged for most of the next two miles. Her lifeless, horrifically wounded body deposited by HAMZE”s vehicle in the middle of RT 441.

How does a routine fender-bender accident become a chase which then becomes a vehicular homicide of first degree murder? What significant impetus did Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE have to avoid a simple police report?

Sandra Hall had her own share of serious run-ins with law enforcement, but had turned her life around and had plans to marry Michael Williams in August. For his part HAMZE had several motor vehicle violations in the past year: unsafe vehicle, driving without insurance, failure to properly display the Florida license plate, driving the wrong way on a one-way street and speeding. None of this appears to warrant fleeing the scene of an accident and vehicular homicide.

In fact, between 10pm Sunday night and early Monday morning HAMZE has decided he needs to get out of the United States immediately. So he books a seat on Delta Air Lines Flight 88, Ft. Lauderdale to New York JFK. He barely has time to make a connecting flight, Delta Air Lines Flight 132 from JFK to Athens, Greece. Athens is a hub for connections to his native land of Lebanon - where civil strife and war reign in perpetuity. That land he deems preferable to yet another motor vehicle ticket from the Broward Sherriff’s Office in Florida, USA. So HAMZE, in his panicked flight, passes through international flight screening at New York JFK unscathed. Well, almost, but not quite.

At 4:20 PM Monday afternoon Abselaziz Bilal HAMZE was pulled by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers from Delta Air Lines Flight 132 bound for Athens, Greece. The JFK ICE team had been tipped off by Ft. Lauderdale airport ICE who were notified by the Broward Sherriff’s Office that the man that HAMZE had purchased the Dodge Caravan murder weapon from stated he was attempting to flee the country. For a still unknown reason, having just committed cold-blooded murder and purchased his tickets out of the country, HAMZE had decided it was another imperative to call this individual.

Some other interesting details now seem pertinent. HAMZE has two brothers and two sisters living in the U.S., one of them in New York. A brother, Abdul HAMZE, lives very nearby in Coral Springs, FL. He stated yesterday he knew nothing of the hit and run or of his brothers arrest. The South Florida media had been in extensive coverage on the news of this murder. At this residence yesterday afternoon were six vehicles: two white minivans, a teal minivan, a teal SUV and two sedans. No response from inside the residence. Earlier Abdul had stated his brother worked at a flea market, but that he did not know where he lived in the area. Yet this same residence is about two miles from where Sandra Hall’s brutalized corpse was dumped in the middle of a highway. HAMZE had been fleeing northbound, in the general direction of his brother Abdul’s home in Coral Springs. Somehow, that bloody and human flesh soaked vehicle made it back to HAMZE’s residence in Dania where local law enforcement recovered it yesterday. The two residences are 15 miles or so as the crow flies from each other.

To recap: A simple Florida fender-bender turns into intentional vehicular homicide and an intended international flight from justice?

A Muslim Middle Eastern man is scrambling through the airport to board an international oceanic flight out of New York JFK. He passes through international flight screening with no red flags raised until a sequence of events and phone calls begun by the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Flordia result in the apprehension of this perp at the literal last possible moment?

Since Abdelziz Bilal HAMZE booked this flight at the last possible minute, I also ran a check for a last minute booking from Delta Air Lines for the same flight tomorrow. Coach Class Ticket Price: $2,357.20. Not bad for a guy working in a flea market on a spur of the moment need to get out of the USA. Did he purchase this ticket, or did someone aid and abet his flight?

HAMZE was in such a rush to get out of America that he did not realize that Delta Air Lines Flight 138 departs Atlanta, Georgia at 4:50 PM daily to Athens, Greece. $2,466.00 for a round trip coach class ticket. Just about the same time of departure and not as far or the ticket price of going to New York. Apparently HAMZE judged a requirement that he just had to depart the U.S. from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The investigation continues and details will be added as developed.

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