The latest from “undercover al Qaeda soldier” Raken Ben Williams

Analysis by “Archangel”

Specific threats to U.S. cities & regions18 May 2007: A posting on an Arabic language forum earlier this week has garnered the attention and received updated embellishment by an Internet poster known as “Raken Ben Williams.” For those unfamiliar with the name “Raken Ben Williams” or his history in counter-terrorism and media venues, he has been presented as an “al Qaeda undercover soldier” possibly living inside the U.S. or Great Britain. He is also the purported author of an Internet posting called the “Last Warning to American People” that gained media attention in the spring of last year.

According to the London daily Arabic language newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on November 8, 2005, Raken Ben Williams was introduced by The Global Islamic Media Front. Raken ben Williams is reportedly a “new soldier” in the Islamic war against the West, and is a “white Englishman who converted to Islam.”

For a comprehensive analysis about Raken Ben Williams, consider consulting the article published by Michelle Malkin on March 12, 2006. Meanwhile, the latest posting by Raken Ben Williams that has yet to be circulated among the Arabic language forums or reported in the media was obtained by “Archangel.” The initial posting appeared earlier this week, followed by additions made by “Raken Ben Williams.” An analysis by Archangel follows the “warning” published by Raken Ben Williams.

Begin post [formatted for easier reading]:

Quote: For your information operations are ready, but we are waiting for orders from our leader Sheikh higher ((Osama bin Laden, may God preserve him))

Quote: 1) a more qualitative operation in the largest cities of America and nerve economic fundamentals:

Not surprisingly, these operations strike nuclear weapons deadly and destructive, even in the number of trucks, which are not detectable by the grace of God, and the selection of three cities nominate President, are:

* New York again: because it is the backbone of economic + proof that God is with us and that the mujahideen are capable of beating several times.

* Los Angeles: to be the most important city on the west coast of the States atheist.

* Florida : because it is the gathering on the east coast in addition to the presence of the Kennedy Center for Space Research. - Could increase the number as demand will and to include for example - as long as we dreamed and only God knows, we witnessed the right-:

* Texas, to contain the largest American oil companies, [companies Bush and paucity Riza Rice, Rumsfeld and poorly evangelists from the new Crusaders]

* Seattle, the strategic position on the Canadian border in the far west of the United States. We do not forget Washington, of course, the political status.

End post

An extensive analysis of this posting notes that this was most likely written using an English keyboard by an English speaking person. This is clear by the punctuation used in the article. For instance, the colons and semi-colons are on the right when they should be on the left:


and the asterisks are on the left when they should be on the right:


Arabic reads right to left in its true form. This posting does not. Additionally, the translation is “too clean,” suggesting that someone who either speaks both English and Arabic created and posted this, or they used translation software to transpose from English to Arabic.

Either this is a planted or “seeded” post (noting that we have previously identified self-proclaimed analysts who have been caught doing such things in the past), or it is actually from an English “Raken Ben Williams,” or lastly, it is from a good hoax writer.

In any event, this will eventually make its rounds in counter-terrorism venues. It’s intelligence value, however, remains under analysis. With the specificity that this particular posting provides, we would be remiss not to publish it - well in advance of it being circulated in the more commonly frequented al Qaeda Arabic language forums.


Note from the Northeast Intelligence Network investigative analysts: We agree with an assessment made by a man named John Noonan at “The Officer’s Club:”

“Real ‘large scale operations’ come after periods of relative tranquility. Surprise is the most important factor in war, a condition religiously followed by off-the-grid asymmetrically minded AQ types…”