Canada’s poster boy of Islamic Jihad (Vomit of Victimization)

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 May 2007: The children of Ahmad and Zaynab KHADR are perfect examples of why some species of animals eat their young. Zaynab KHADR, meanwhile, serves as an impeccable illustration of the current Islamic fundamentalist mindset in action in the West by demanding cheese with her ample supply of whine. And Canadian Playright Sharon Pollock, the syrup of ipecac behind the vomitus that some call a play known as Man Out of Joint, illustrates her total lack of comprehension of the objectives of our enemies. With regard to the latter, I don’t review movies or plays (I’ll leave that to the frustrated female counterpart of Roger Ebert, Debbie Schlussel), but I know garbage when I see it, and I don’t have to hit my hand with a hammer to know it will hurt. But let’s get back to the subject at hand.

The exploits of the KHADR family -Canada’s first family of terrorism,” have been well documented by Dr. Daniel Pipes and Paul Williams in his newly released book, The Day of Islam. Rehashing the emesis spewed by these abhorrent and morally bankrupt individuals would serve little purpose beyond having to increase the dosage of my blood pressure medication. For a critical update regarding the KHADR family, however, I strongly urge readers to visit the web site of Canadian patriot Douglas Aldridge - The Right Side - and listen to my interview. Mr. Aldridge has been following the KHADR family for years and frankly, knows where the bodies are buried. But here’s the bottom line: Omar KHADR is going on trial for the (alleged) murder of U.S. serviceman and American hero Sergeant Christopher J. Speer.

His parents, the now earth-temperature Ahmed KHADR and the currently burqa clad poster-woman-of-protest Zaynab KHADR, raised the young man to be an Islamic terrorist by “enrolling” him and his siblings into some of the finest al Qaeda’s academies in Afghanistan, selecting the Afghanistan academic route over the decadent Canadian elementary school system.

After apparently graduating summa cum laude from Islamic Jihad 101, he (allegedly) put his training into action. Omar KHADR, who was 15 years-old when he threw a grenade at a group of U.S. soldiers that killed Sergeant Speer, faces five criminal counts including conspiracy, murder, spying and supplying material support to terrorism. Now, his mother, along with people like Pollock and even some members of the Canadian government appear to be having difficulty understanding that teaching jihad has its consequences. They are protesting nearly everything about this case, from the young man’s age to his conditions of incarceration to the fact that this young man will have a date with justice.

Omar is expected to be arraigned at Guantanamo in the first week of June. Those who decry the judicial process facing Omar KHADR are forgetting that today, a mother will not be getting a phone call, card or present from an American serviceman named Christopher Speer. May God bless and comfort you, Mrs. Speer, and may the soul of Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer rest in peace.

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