The Ft. Dix Terror Cell: A 7-Point Assessment

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

May 10, 2007- Based upon my analysis of the specific points in the FBI criminal complaint, OSINT reporting as well my intimate knowledge of the chosen target at Ft. Dix/McGuire AFB, New Jersey, an assessment on this terrorist cell is as follows:

1. This cell of Macedonian, Turkish and Jordanian-born islamofascists, which were training in the mold of Al Qaeda-inspired warfighting doctrine, was apparently focused on killing as many soldiers and civilians as they could, and would attack military and civilians when a given opportunity arose. They demonstrated a most “bang-for-the-buck” mentality in their planning.

2. Their upward radicalization from apostate Muslim’s to full fledged islamofascist jihadi’s was due to the influence of an un-named uncle of the Duka family. This uncle had apparently been an apostate or secular muslim prior to a 1990s prison term served in New York State. He was radicalized during that incarceration and upon release began to preach Islam to his impressionable young nephews, apparently while they were in high school.

3. The Islamic radicalization process continued with cell members attending the Al Aqsa Mosque, 1501 Germantown Rd., Philadelphia, PA which is near Serdar Tatar’s Philadelphia home of record.

4. As with any Al Qaeda-trained cell their emphasis was A) to cause terror in America, and B) to inflict as much damage as possible in doing during the attack for the glory of Allah.

5. The Islamic practice of al-Taqiyya, or dissimulation, of lying to infidels to cover or disguise the truth of a given matter, is emanating from some family members of the terrorists. This is very apparent in OSINT reports. Muslim Tatar, the father of Serdar Tatar and owner of Super Mario’s Restaurant is on record as claiming that the arrest of his son is based upon nothing more than “religious persecution.” This stands out in stark contrast to other quotes of Muslim Tatar saying during the same media interview, “I’m not a religious person, I don’t want my son to be a religious person, but he was a religious person.” Muslim related that while Serdar was in high school he brought one of the other terrorists to the family restaurant and Muslim allegedly told him at that time, “I don’t like this kid, I don’t want you together.” At that early stage Muslim Tatar apparently recognized true Islam when it stood directly before his eyes and ears.

6. According to the criminal complaint (Case 1:07-mj-02046-JS) filed on Monday, May 7, 2007 the primary terrorist assault team of this cell had missed a target of opportunity in the Army-Navy game on December 2, 2006. According to recorded terrorist admissions a strike could have been launched from the New Jersey side of the Delaware River due to the “beauty” of the location of Lincoln Financial Field and utilizing the “proper weaponry.” There terrorists implied that such an attack profile provided a stand-off, minimal exposure strike for the cell members. US military service members are guaranteed attendees at an Army-Navy game, as are civilian men, women and children in their thousands.

7. In my assessment such a target of opportunity would make its appearance in the upcoming USAF Thunderbird precision flying team air show scheduled to occur at McGuire AFB on Saturday and Sunday, 12-13 May, 2007. A massive US military presence along with tens of thousand of men, women and children spectators would be guaranteed to attend. It would mimic most of the important conditions or specifications set by the cell as prerequisites for such an opportune attack. I suggest this scheduled event as a primary possibility with respect to the timing of the arrests of these heavily-armed terrorists last Monday evening. Federal law enforcement officers may have deemed the risk unacceptable given all the information they had collected on this terror cell over the previous 15 months.

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