Zawahiri’s Pre-Christmas Message: a Brief Analysis

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

23 December 2006: The first thing to note is that this video was expected. Any major holiday or American event draws a video. As usual there were only excerpts from the video initially released and the usual media comments and the frenzied search by analysts across the globe to get a copy of the message. However, that frenzy has died down somewhat as this guy is getting as regular as insurance commercials sold by lizards.

The release and the timing as well as the delay between the announcements of the forthcoming tape to the actual released is part of the psychological war being waged against us by Islam. They are good at this and we of course play right into this. These people giggle themselves silly thinking of the psychological terror factor they get away with.

I’m not going to give you an analysis that simply repeats what he said as most analysts nowadays seem to think that repeating this garbage word for word is an analysis of what is said. Truth be told, it was boring and redundant. I would have paid money for a commercial interruption.

I didn’t see much said that hasn’t been uttered by some turbaned terrorist at some other point in time or that I haven’t seen in their internal communiques and documents. He seemed to direct most of this tirade towards Palestine and was careful to mention all the other areas of conflict that have appeared on the terrorism radar as of late and since jihad day one.

One could walk away with the distinct impression that this man isn’t seeing the collapse of the world under Islam pressure quite as fast as he anticipated and wanted or he has the sense that he may be running out of time on this planet. He would give anything to see the collapse of the United States and the free world in his lifetime and it is becoming apparent. This translates into one thing which is he isn’t the dedicated, patient, self sacrificing jihadi prophet, philosopher and leader that he wishes to portray. He is just as selfish and self serving as any murderous demented genius would be in his position. The more I see him and hear him I see a replication of Adolph Hitler in his manners and methods.

This was the first time I had heard him even elude or even use reference to the “death of jihad” or “crush the jihad” if people didn’t take up arms and charge into martyrdom. Interesting because the way I see it Jihad is growing and festering at an alarming rate and fast food chains wish they could have franchised as well as al Qasda and Islam has. Since there isn’t any indication that the growth rate of violent Islam had been reduced or is subsiding in size, this use of terminology should be noted. In other words, this is a fear tactic being used against the people primarily in Palestine and of course to the mindless Islamic self destructors in the rest of the world. Through history one can note that the people of Islam particularly the Palestinian people have been very susceptible to various influences from various people which makes the Palestinians fairly easy to sway and easy to manipulate by terrorist masterminds and Islamic persuaders. Zawahiri is no better and is trying to get more of them killed through this promotion of murder and dissent. So much for his supposed love of the Palestinian people. One day maybe, just maybe these people will wake up and realize they are simply pawns in a much larger game and that their “brothers in Islam” from outside and around Palestine are simply using them for sacrificial sheep. Islam doesn’t operate in the interest of any man, any culture or any race. Islam serves only Islam which means death to everyone.

Zawahiri of course indicated that Osama Bin Laden is still alive and operational as the commander of the mujahideen. Yeah, yeah, send me a film to prove it. He repeated Osama’s warnings that we would be targets as long as we are invading their lands. Yeah tell me something we didn’t know.

He noted that the Pashtun tribes on both sides of the Pakistan border are in allegiance with the Taliban so the way I see it, the boss has spoken and signed your death warrants. We should bomb the hell out of the region to include all Pashtun villages in the area. Tell Pakistan to tighten up or we will do it for them. Once al Qaeda and the Taliban assassinate Musharraf (which they will eventually) we will end up leveling the place anyway. He should welcome us killing them for him. He’ll live longer that way.

One thing I have noticed after watching the forums for years is that Zawahiri knows when the natives are restless and knows when he should release a motivational video. You can almost set your watch by it. In short, unless there were some hidden messages in this film, this message was typical Zawahiri rhetoric.

One different thing was the seven segment introduction or summary in seven parts before he began this long boring speech. He is pretty good at replacing and repositioning between takes as he was only a fraction off this time. At one point there was a noticeable beep or tone during the speech. Battery low or potty break, I’m not sure. I started giggling because I remember a movie where there was terrorist leader beginning his tirade on film and the guy filming him was aware that the batteries were low in the camcorder and started shaking and sweating due to fear of having to interrupt the leader. It was funny recollecting that Hollywood film while watching this Islamic freak.

Summary: Nothing really new to speak of. Islam is a threat. No one knows if Osama is still alive or not and truthfully it doesn’t matter much. Jihad is here to stay and many will die. There will never be peace in Palestine. Zawahiri doesn’t have the guts to martyr himself but instead sacrifices others for the sake of his personal fulfillment and satisfaction. The threat isn’t any bigger than it was yesterday and is the same as it will be tomorrow. We don’t know when they are coming or where they will strike.

Zawahiri’s lump on his forehead is getting more prominent and is starting to actually cast a shadow. If it gets any bigger he can star in an Islamic version of the movie “Alien.” Just like in the movie, “in Islam no one can hear you scream.”

Be safe, Stay vigilant. Merry Christmas.