Advisory: Air Travel

Air travelers are advised to remain vigilant even after boarding an aircraft and urged to notify flight personnel of unusual interaction between seemingly unrelated passengers.

7 January 2004: Information obtained exclusively by the Northeast Intelligence Network provided additional insight into the terrorists’ operational plans involving at least one and perhaps more of the recently grounded flights. According to these sources, the following method of operation is “continuing” and will likely result in additional international flights being grounded.

It is already well known that women are being used as “mules” to smuggle explosive material onto airplanes. The other undisclosed aspect of these plans, according to information confirmed by intelligence officials, is that each woman is “accompanied” by 1-2 other people onto a targeted aircraft. The other passengers do not appear to have any connection to the female passenger whatsoever and even carry passports from other countries. These covert associates carry other electronic items that alone, appear harmless (such as a personal CD player, for example) but are actually intended to be used as components for the explosive device. These items are checked and pass through security as they are operational.

Once aboard the aircraft, there is “quiet” interaction between operatives to pass all of the necessary bomb-making components to the delegated operative who assembles the device in the bathroom of the aircraft. At that point, they have “successfully” breached the intense security and have a workable and deadly explosive device that has been assembled at 30,000 feet.