Bomb Threat at Tinker AFB Friday Morning, Air Logistics Center Evacuated

16 December 2006: UPDATED KOCO Channel 5 in Oklahoma City, OK reported that approximately 8,000 employees of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, known as Building 3001, were evacuated at 8 AM yesterday morning from the building located on Tinker Air Force Base due to the detected threat of an explosive device.

LINK: KOCO Oklahoma City Report.

A confidential source to the Northeast Intelligence Network, one of the thousands of civilian employees at Tinker, reported that a device was found. This information came from a co-worker whose wife works in Building 3001. The wife reported that “the [explosive detection] dogs hit on a device”. This sole-source report is unconfirmed 48 hours after the event.

Our source also revealed that the main entrance to Tinker AFB, “Lancer Gate”, had new sand bags in place as of 915 AM, or an hour and fifteen minutes after the evacuation of Building 3001 was ordered. In direct observation of Building 3001 at that time our source stated the bomb squad vehicle was still in place and base security armed with M-16 assault rifles completely surrounded the Air Logistics Center.

Additional information which is contrary to most media reporting of this event is found in a KSBI TV-52 report which states,”Tinker officials aren’t saying if they discovered anything inside the building. They are conducting an investigation into the origin of the threat.”


Additional details are being investigated.