WIBG Life Radio 1020 AM Interview - Consider all possibilities for e.Coli outbreak

WIBG 1020 AM LifeRadio interview

16 December 2006: Rick Brancadora, CEO and general manager of WIBG 1020AM, interviews Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network about the two e.Coli outbreaks and the nearly automatic dismissals about any potential relation to terrorism. In reality, however, how safe is our food supply?

Our recent article, “How many more must die? A load of excrement served up fresh by the media” points out that instructions for poisoning our food supply are being published to Arabic language Internet forums, web sites, and Islamic terrorism manuals. In fact, specific instructions relating to the contamination of produce were published exactly 2 weeks before the September outbreak. Coincidence?

Read our account, and listen to the interview via the link below.

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WIBG 1020AM LifeRadio interview