How many more must die? A load of excrement served up fresh by the media

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

14 December 2006: The American public should be sick of the manner in which possible or even probable terror related events are handled by our federal authorities and reported by the corporate media. In fact, SEVERAL HUNDRED IF NOT THOUSANDS are literally sick, and some are dead. And THAT scenario should be considered intolerable, even by the most skeptical of individuals who continue to believe that the threat of Islamic terrorism in this country is exaggerated.

On 4 September 2006, independent analyst Randy Taylor provided “relevant evidence” to the applicable federal authorities, as did this agency, that Islamic terrorists were focused on tainting our food supply in this country.. The communications provided to the federal authorities by analyst Randy Taylor, followed up by this agency were target specific, unambiguous and instructional. They identified the very product as the conveyance for the toxin and a variety of others. In short, the communications were ominous. In short, their response was akin to someone turning in a DMV application - “Thank you, and have a nice day.” We reported this to our readers in a report dated 16 September 2006.

The report provided to the authorities was a FULL TWO WEEKS to the very day before the first outbreak of e.Coli on fresh produce caused the death of at least one person and sickened hundreds more in over 20 states. Following the outbreak, the federal authorities launched a highly publicized investigation focusing on “poor sanitation,” reassuring an already terror-fatigued American public that the mass contamination was a result of an unfortunate run-off of excrement. Perhaps that explanation is only half accurate.

States Mr. Taylor: “Is the proximity of these two dates coincidental? I think not. Two major outbreaks in two months? Based on the information seen and submitted, I do not think that this is a coincidence.” Neither do I.

Now, we have yet another potentially major outbreak of food contamination. Another outbreak of e.Coli has hit the Northeast, with 71 cases confirmed in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Again, documentation about the contamination plans by the Islamic terrorists was resent to the authorities to insure that they were aware of the details. The authorities response was again, of sorts, simply: “Thank you. Have a nice day.” To say that their acknowledgement is reassuring is quite the overstatement, despite the passing of the terrorists’ toxic playbook to their agency.

Meanwhile, the media, more consumed with the risks of trans fats, continues to give only superficial lip service to the threat to our food supply by terrorists, again citing the likely causative factor as wayward excrement. How appropriate: the federal authorities are more concerned about the long-term health risks of French fries than the short term risk of death at the hands of terrorists who published their intentions and methods. The media, in lock-step with the federal authorities, are serving the American public a story on trans fats as the entree, while keeping the more deadly tainted food matter in an out of sight crock pot.

How many more must be sickened or die? Is anyone listening?

*Link to article dated 16 September 2006