Like pre-9/11, watch student truck drivers with “similar” behavioral traits

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 December 2006: When we first heard about the truck driver student wanting to learn how to drive a tractor trailer but had no interest in learning how to back-up, only drive forward, we initially laughed, thinking it was a bad take-off joke of the 9/11 airplane pilots who had no interest in wanting to fly but not land an aircraft. Really, who would be so transparently obvious, we wondered? And really, who would NOT find such a request as odd, especially if the student meets other profile factors? We heard the laughter by a radio talk show host about this one - wondering if the same personality would have laughted during the first week of September 2001 about student pilots having no interest in landing. Is it just plain short-sightedness, or simple fatigue about the discussion of ways to blow things up in our country? Hopefully, it’s not ignorance about the fact that these Islamofacists - these Islamic terrorists - will consider every possible manner in which to levy death and destruction on our country and our families, regardless how incredibly stupid-sounding such plans might be.

Anyway, why repeat the story of the truck driver in question? Read the entire account yourself, which is no joke - in an article written by Michelle Malkin AT THIS LINK.