The Twisted Tale of the (f)LYING Imams

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

2 December 2006: Score one for the media. Specifically, score one for The Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson, who not only has the uncanny ability to ferret out the facts of a story that many reporters simply glossed over, but has the tenacity to get to the heart and truth of a story while other reporters slumber. Kudos as well to best-selling author Annie Jacobsen, who, in her excellent investigative work Terror in the Skies, detailed suspicious behavior she witnessed aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 624 on June 29, 2004 and predicted that more suspicious behavior would follow. Indeed it has.

As I emphatically reported on this web site and stated when interviewed by Audrey Hudson in The Washington Times article, the “plight” of the six (F)LYING Imams was well choreographed to achieve a specific result, including the erosion of our security and the characterization of the imams as “victims:”

“America’s security apparatus and law enforcement agencies are being strong-armed into the grotesque swill of acquiescence by the politically correctness of those in charge of America’s security.”

A review of the police report and attachments detailing the observations of eyewitnesses offers sufficient information for any reasonable person to question the feigned innocence of (f)LYING imams.

Complete police report - PDF format:

Police Report

Police Report