Possible Surface-to-Air Missile Attempt Against Passenger Aircraft in U.S.?

Subject: American Airlines Flight 612

Date: 26 November 2005

Incident: Pilot reported seeing rocket or missile just missing aircraft.

OVERVIEW: In the early hours on Monday, November 28, 2005, ABC Radio News (syndicated) ran a broadcast about the pilot of a passenger airplane departing LAX en route to Chicago reporting that a missile had been fired at the aircraft (but missed). The pilot reported that he saw a smoke trail pass by the cockpit. Just as suddenly as the story was broadcast, it seemed to have disappeared from the media.

The following is an outline of the incident, the response by the media and “explanations” by federal authorities. It remains a story that continues to be investigated by the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Passenger Aircraft from LAX Possible Target of Missile?
(The Curiously Vanishing News Story)By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

28 November 2005: Under normal circumstances and in a perfect world, a possible “missile attack” against a commercial flight in the early morning hours after a holiday weekend would be a news story. A BIG NEWS story. Sadly, today’s climate does not demand comprehensive reporting, and even on rare occasions when it does, no one seems to want to ask the “hard questions” anymore. Investigative reporting has taken a backseat to mere acceptance of inane explanations by official spokesmen who seem to know they won’t have to be held accountable for their answers. Many in the American public seem to acquiesce, refuse to believe that the war on terror has reached America, or as radio personality and regular guest on Fox & Friends MANCOW said to me during a recent interview about the bombing at O.U., “I don’t want to hear it.” The latter, of course, was an apparent parody of the malaise of the public, making the point that many people simply don’t want to hear what is really going on as long as their world is not directly affected.

That said, there is a “news story” that was broadcast on a few radio stations early this morning that detailed an alleged incident of a U.S. passenger plane departing from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), enroute to the east coast, that (reportedly) “narrowly avoided being hit by a missile.” The altitude of the flight at the time of the alleged incident was 6,000 feet and over the Pacific Ocean in a turn-and-climb pattern. According to news reports broadcast early this morning, officials dismissed this incident, even chalking the sighting up to a “flare” or a “bottle rocket,” despite the obvious impossibility of either scenario. Interestingly, the details of the story remained vague until they apparently vanished from the media.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is continuing to investigate this incident - hoping to obtain some type of “official” confirmation. In the meantime, rest assured that everything is normal in the world today, and let us know where we can get some of those “bottle-rockets on steroids” for the next July 4th holiday picnic.

Radio Transmissions Between Pilot of AA Flight 612 & LAX Tower

A=American Airlines Flight 612

T=LAX Tower

T: (inaudible) …flare or a rocket?

A: (inaudbile) …eh, it looked more like a


T: American 612 how far away was it from your position?

A: It was about 1/2 way between us and the

coastline when we first called uh, in the



RADAR IMAGES OF AA FLT 6129 December 2005: Radar images, supplied by T. A. Adams show anomalous event on 26 November 2005 involving AA Flight 612 shortly after takeoff. The Northeast Intelligence Network requested a commercial airline pilot to review the images of the radar activity as it related to AA Flight 612 on 26 November 2005. Earlier today, the pilot, currently flying for a well-known national carrier, confirmed that the event was unusual and “could be consistent with the pilot’s observations of a missile or rocket eclipsing and missing Flight 612.” He added:

“Based on what I reviewed, the unidentified object was not a bottle rocket or flare, but was absolutely consistent with some type of missile possibly aimed at the aircraft.”

Please be patient: Due to the large file sizes of the images, these images will take a while to fully load.

Radar Image 1: Description: In this image, at 12:51.24, FLT AA612 (the red plane) is shown over Santa Monica Bay at 4700 Feet and climbing.

Radar Image 2: Description: 20 Seconds later, AA612 suddenly appears to split into two aircraft at 6200 feet at 12:51.07 While running this program, if you click on either of the “aircraft” on this radar they both read AA612 meaning they are flying on exactly the same course and the radar cannot discern between the two.

Clicking the new one though (now the red aircraft) lets you see that this so-called “bottle rocket” or “flare” reached an altitude of 1500 feet in 2 seconds at 12:52.04. At 12:52:04, the images split and are clearly two separate objects.

Radar Image 3: Description: Just as suddenly as the second image appeared, it then disappears when Flt AA612 reaches an altitude of 8100 feet at 12:52.54 (Not shown).

Radar Image 4

Passenger Air Travel - At Risk From Missiles?9 December 2005: As we approach the busiest air travel season of the year, there appears to be a “growing private concern” over the safety of air travel, especially in the wake of a surface-to-air missile reported by the pilot of a passenger aircraft departing LAX the day after Thanksgiving. Federal officials have attempted to explain that a plume of smoke passing by the cockpit of a passenger jet traveling over the Santa Monica Bay at approximately 5,000 feet was “a flare or bottle rocket,” and definitely not any form of missile. In fact, “rumor control” is already in progress on a variety of levels to avoid alerting the public to any potential threats to our airlines as we enter into the busy Christmas travel season.

Despite the denials of this incident, the Northeast Intelligence Network has received first-hand accounts of incidents that relate to possible surface to air missiles, including a possible “practice run” involving boats in the Santa Monica Bay just days before the flight from LAX:

From a witness:

“On Tuesday night, November 22nd, 2005 around 9:00 PM, I was standing at the very end of the pier looking out directly west, when I noticed something unusual. A small speed boat with headlights on was zipping by at a very high rate of speed from the Santa Monica area southward about a 1/4 mile west of the pier. As it came directly in front of the Venice pier the boat (still 1/4 mile out) stopped suddenly and turned off its lights. Then a couple minutes later the lights came back on and the boat proceeded very slowly southward toward the Marina Del Rey area, while staying about the same distance out to sea. When the boat came within proximity to the LAX departure zone it stopped, and the boats lights extinguished.”

“I kept watching to see what was happening. About a minute later, I noticed off further to the south and west there was another boat and it flashed its lights, as if it was signaling the first boat. The first boat then flashed it lights. Then even further south, I noticed there was a THIRD boat. That boat flashed a green light a couple times. It almost looked like the 3 boats were setting up a triangulation and it made me a little suspicious because 9:00 PM seems to be a peak time for aircraft take off at LAX.”

“My immediate thought was- what if these were terrorists setting up for a boat missile launch attack on a plane? After watching for about 15 to 20 more minutes, nothing happened and the boats didn’t light up or move, so I went back home. I seriously contemplated contacting the authorities about the boats- but didn’t because… I didn’t want to be seen as an “alarmist.” But when I heard your report last night [on Coast to Coast AM] from Douglas Hagmann, I was in my car and nearly drove off the freeway!”

“Also, this past Tuesday and Wednesday evenings the Los Angeles County Life Guards at Santa Monica & Marina Del Rey, and the Santa Monica Harbor patrol conducted a major plane crash drill in the Santa Monica Bay.”


Yet another report - this time from a pilot - indicates that this is no isolated incident:

“I am an airplane mechanic for a major U.S. carrier with over 35 years of service and work as the shift supervisor at a major hub on the east coast. On September 15, 2005 at approximately 8:00 PM, I was listening to the company radio on the frequency that our pilots talk to the company dispatchers when I heard the following dialog between one of our pilots and the dispatcher:”

PILOT: “I just heard an America West crew report that they had been ‘just missed’ by a surface to air missile.”

DISPATCHER: “I’ll check and get back to you.”

The pilot adds: “This is first hand from me, not hearsay, and I know what I heard and that it is correct. Although I am unsure of the approximate location of the airplane at the time of the incident, I am reasonably certain that it was east of the Mississippi and very probably in the northeast section of the country.”

“I told a few other people about what I heard over the radio, but after time, you get tired of the crazy looks and ridicule, and just want keep your mouth shut.”

MANPADS (SHOULDER-FIRED MISSILES): HOW SERIOUS IS THE THREAT?30 November 2005: In the wake of a possible MANPAD incident allegedly involving a U.S. passenger aircraft (above story), and the charges against two Los Angeles area men of Chinese origin accused of conspiring to import shoulder-fired missiles, the Northeast Intelligence Network is investigating the threats facing our airlines, and is continuing to track down information pertaining to the incident that was broadcast on ABC Radio News early Monday morning, only to be removed from the airwaves shortly after the initial broadcast. Analyst and military affairs expert Sean Osborne reported on the threats from shoulder-fired missiles over the last several months. In an interestingly timed release, the U.S. Department of State last week issued a fact sheet and pertinent data concerning the threat from shoulder-fired missiles. The actual fact sheet was dated 20 September 2005.

Fact Sheet Issued on Shoulder-Fired Anti-Aircraft Missiles