14 November 2003: Note: Although this specific Fatwa appears to pertain to Iraq and the use of “unconventional weaponry,” an additional Fatwa pertaining specifically to the US appears to be emerging as this is being posted. Rough translation:

The Decisive Hit …

The magazine mentioned in its Friday issue that the Al Qaeda Network under Osama bin Laden ’s leadership plans for the direction of a deathblow to the Americans during this Ramadan season.

And the magazine said that it received an electronic message from the Al-Qaeda spokesman that Abu Mohammad Alablg saying that the Al Qaeda Network is now preparing to strike a deathblow to the Americans during this Ramadan but refused to specify whether the strike will be on American soil or on the soil of its allies.

And Alablg who regularly contacts the weekly magazine said that its headquarters is London the American civilians and soldiers are approved and allowable targets to the Muslims all over the world and added that it be not excluded that she is this hitting that said that Inha will be painful against the American presence in Iraq, according to the magazine.

And the shining in its message pointed that new orders were issued from Osama bin Laden for its following with the launch of a guerrilla warfare against the Arab and Islamic countries where the United States has a military and commercial presence.

And he confirmed that the Al-Qaeda leaders are devoted for the time being on the work of issuing a Fatwa by clerics names trusted in them he permits for them the fighting of the Arab and Islamic regimes allied with America and the launch of a guerrilla warfare against them.

And he added in his message that the initial features relate to guerrilla warfare that bin Laden and Arkan approved its command but will not be restricted to the martyrdom operations and the explosions but there will be means several for the individual and collective killing by different kinds of weapons.

And the Qatari Al Jazeera transmitted a message attributed to Osama bin Laden on 18 October 2003 that threatened in it the Al-Qaeda leader with the sending of suicide bombers to the United States and the attack of any forces that joins the alliance that the United States lead in Iraq.

And the magazine was informed from the shining its saying in its message the Americans and the British are in the Muslims countries an Intqd that knew them about what their governments carried out it from a demonstration to the Jewish on the Muslims in Palestine and Afghanistan and Iraq by what made of America a fight of the Islam and the Muslims and consequently that the Americans blood and their moneys became allowable to the Muslims all over the world.

Oh Allah fix the feet of our brothers that prepare for the hitting of a special America and for all of the Mujaheed an all and memorize them from the trials and their more honorable from the families and split they them the
appearance of the unbelievers and elevate they them the religion word and the acceptance of their blood .. And we inflicted they them not a Khzaya and no tempted and no damns ..Amen