“The threat from within” on The Roth Show tonight

27 March 2009: Even the most hardened among the anti-conspiracy crowd must admit there have been far too many events that have taken place over the last several years that suggest there is a globalist agenda at play, specifically targeting the security and sovereignty United States. Some will  argue, perhaps correctly, that such events have been taking place over the last few decades or for much longer. Talk of a “One World Order,” a “New World Order,” and the prospect of global governance in terms of the takeover of the US by unseen powers has been largely relegated to the smoky back rooms occupied only by the paranoid. Such talk usually is subjected to open ridicule outside of those proverbial back rooms, ridicule that is often caused by baseless and exaggerated claims lacking even the slightest bit of evidence.

The threat of Islamic terrorist attacks inside the US and the threat of destroying the security and sovereignty of our country - and the West - by those advancing a global agenda are not mutually exclusive. In fact, if we have learned anything since the attacks of 9/11, we should have learned that the threat posed by Islam is very real and if anything, is being underestimated and understated.

We should have also learned, as we have witnessed the process over the last several years  that the threat from within - those within our own government - is very real as well. And evidence shows that THIS threat transcends all political parties. Evidence shows that homeland security has NOT been about security as much as it has been - and continues to be -  about power and control over the people.

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