By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

26 January 2006

Schools will instruct pupils on the “religion of peace,” Islam. Now Islamic speakers are invited into school systems to teach faculty and principals about the goodness of Islam.

Mosque clerics will be regarded the same as the Methodist minister down the street. After all, a cleric is a cleric.

Liberal groups such as the Episcopal Church, Unitarian-Universalist Society, and United Church of Christ (Congregational) will look upon Islam as a world religion among religions, thus deserving equal space with Christianity and Judaism.
Local clergy associations will welcome Muslim clerics into their fellowship.

Liberal politicians will champion Islam as compatible with America because they will believe the lies on 4000 Muslim web sites. After all, America welcomes all equally.

Even conservative personages such as US President George W. Bush will give allegiance to Islam as a good component of the community, just as he and his wife placed the Koran in the White House library for the first time this winter. They did so at a banquet for Muslim leaders in America.

Theologically conservative leaders such as Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, will be black listed for publishing factual books exposing Islam as a violent cult. He already has suffered such. He has been silenced by the liberal element in the United States.

Politicians and religious liberals will regard “peace religion” Islam as being highjacked by “insurgents” and “terrorists” rather than realizing that all Muslims are aligned with the same killing passages replete in the unholy book, the Koran.

Schools will set aside rooms for Muslim prayers during school hours. Airports will follow suit. Independent living residential communities will follow suit. Just as they have chapels, they will have mosque centers.

Public buildings will provide prayer rooms for Muslim prayers just as a local athletic building in New Jersey has done so for Muslim sports figures there.

Newspapers’ religion pages will place mosque advertisements for meetings and so forth right alongside the advertisements for churches. They will also provide regular feature articles on Islam as a “peace religion,” just as the local city paper already does where I live.

The sharia will become legal fare in most countries, including America. This Koran-based judicial system that enhances murder and maiming as well as discrimination against females will be set aside as proper for the Muslim community.

Islamic professors will pepper the universities and colleges throughout the nation, propagating the message that Islam is a “peace religion.” They will likewise blackball Christianity and Judaism, as is presently the fashion.

Religious colleges that are theologically liberal will have Muslim instructors and personnel on staff in order to give the public relations image that they are open to all beliefs.

Chapel services on theologically liberal religious-oriented campuses will have Muslim speakers to balance out theologically liberal “Christian” preachers. Already at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, the campus chapel is decorated with flag banners of all world religions, including Islam. The banners hang from the sanctuary ceiling.

Islamic so-called holy days will be legitimatized as holidays necessitating celebration and days off from work throughout the nation

Islamic symbols will decorate our stamps..

Islamic authors will become popular in “reading America.”

Peace themes focusing on Islamic actors will be placed in television sitcoms.

TV series such as “Sleeper Cells” will become passe and regarded as out of date and out of fact.

Legislation will be passed stating that anything truthfully negative about Islam will be regarded as a “hate crime.”

Certain Islamic personages will run for political offices and will win their elections.

The National Council of Churches will welcome Islam into its membership.

Liberal seminaries such as Harvard Divinity School will baptize Islam as a legitimate religion among world religions, just as HDS does already in its world religions building / courses.

It will become posh for Islamic speakers to be featured on talk shows and at book forums in local communities.

The Koran will be placed alongside the Bible in hospital chapels, just as it already is placed in the chapel in the city hospital near where I live.

The headscarf used by Muslim women will become fashionable for non-Muslim women in America. Already the headscarf clad young women appearing in various advertisements on the Internet.

Advertisements will include in their human figures not only whites and blacks and Hispanics but also obviously garbed Muslims.

“Jihad” will change its meaning from murder and maiming to improving the inner self, just as it is now defined on the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) lying web site.

Muslims will establish charitable causes to which the public will be asked to contribute, moneys used to enhance Islam and thereby overtake the nation.

Christians and Jews will be relegated to a lower status than Islam. Christians and Jews will be informed to be quiet, hold no meetings or seminars teaching the facts about Islam, and squelch any preaching against Islam.

Political liberals such as “Rev.” Jesse Jackson will come to the fore as comrades of Islam, presenting Christianity and Islam as monotheistic religions of common foundation. It will become posh for Islam and Christianity and Judaism to be presented as the three great monotheistic religions of the world, thus giving Islam equal footing with the other two religions. There will be much talk about all three religions having Abraham as “the father of the faith.”

Regarding Islam as a killing cult will expose the offender as committing a “hate crime.”

University and college commencement addresses, particularly those on the state level, will feature Islamic speakers.

Islamic killers in America will be regarded as an anomaly and embarrassment to Islam as the true “religion of peace.”

Sunday school curricula in liberal denominations will feature Islam as a legitimate world religion.

Islam will become a highlight article feature in theologically liberal publications. Already such articles have appeared in the Harvard Divinity School Bulletin.

Islamic literature will be distributed widely freely throughout the nation, similarly to such literature distributed by Moonies at airport terminals.

Koran killing passages will be rephrased so as to erase the Koran killing-passages just as such quotes are changed on the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). These changes will appear in the American publication of the Koran placed in public buildings.

Government agencies, particularly in Washington DC, will cower before Muslim demands just as they did as set forth in the article above.

Muslims elsewhere on the planet will cause such mayhem that America will fear such coming to this country and therefore will give Muslims anything they want in order to keep the blood from flowing our USA streets.

Copyright © 2006 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.


Reprinted with permission from the author.

Joseph Grant Swank, Jr., is the Pastor of the New Hope Church and holds a BA and seminary M Div degrees with graduate work at Harvard Divinity School. Married for 44 years with 3 adult children, he is the author of 5 books and thousands of articles in various Protestant and Catholic magazines, journals, web sites, and newspapers. He is also a writer of a religion column for LAKES REGION SUBURBAN NEWS.

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