Listen up US Government- Patriots Aren’t Terrorists

By Randy Taylor

18 April 2009: One tragic government agenda that is rearing its ugly head recently is the improper labeling of true American patriots as a threat to national security. DHS needs to learn the difference or shut the hell up altogether. DHS primary goal is to protect America from terrorists, not mislabel Americans in order to enable DHS to treat them like terrorists.

DHS needs to look up the words “patriot”, “terrorist” and “extremist” and post the definitions next to anyone’s desk that sends out memos or speaks on behalf of DHS. Nowhere in any of the three definitions does it refer to the other words, the suggested [by DHS] counterpart or implied synonymous meaning that DHS and other agencies have implied when they pair up patriots and extremists with terrorists.

I’m a patriotic American extremely against the types like Clinton, Bush, Obama and their schemes to imprison America as a whole to some sort of socialistic type society, with the citizens subservient to the government, policed by the military. Doesn’t make me a terrorist, now does it?

The mislabeling of militias by the government, implying that militias are a threat to Americans has to stop.

Militias are made up of patriotic Americans, not terrorists. There is a huge difference between a militia and parties that advocate and promote violence based solely on racism, political views or simply because they hate the world and everyone in it. What further amazes me is that radical Muslims, white supremacy groups, the KKK, skinheads, the Nazi party, the communist party among others are not treated as badly or even spoken about as badly as the militias and right wing political movements in this country. The Democrats have made the word “Right Wing” and anyone who holds a truly conservative viewpoint, opposite of liberal views, out to be truly evil people. It appears that the Obama agenda is to label anyone to the right of the line in the country a bad person, a malcontent and a threat to his distorted view of what America should be. It used to be that the term right wing simply meant you weren’t a liberal democrat. Now, they want to call anything right of center a danger to society.

In a nut shell, the government is worried about Patriotic Americans. They are worried because patriotic Americans, many of them members of militias are one of the only things standing between the people and the tyrannical government that is being perpetuated upon the American people, the supposedly free American people that are more and more each day becoming slaves to the US government and possibly a New World Government. They are afraid of the people that will act other than sheep when the government further erodes our Constitutional rights. They are afraid of the millions of gun owners that could, once provoked to a boiling point, take the government back from the tyrants and give it back to the people of the United States. They are afraid of the patriotic Americans that have served their country in the Armed Services that took an oath, guaranteed by their very lives to protect this country from all threats, foreign or domestic. The government is afraid that the sheep they have been sheering for decades might actually revolt one day.

The memos recently have shown that fear to be quite apparent. The sad part is that they constantly refer to Timothy McVeigh as an example of what right wing groups, militia members and veterans are capable of, yet they have denied that he acted with the help of Middle Eastern terrorists. They don’t even want to discuss it. They deny the fact that Middle Eastern involvement is sewn throughout the entire series of events surrounding the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. The government is and has been lying to all of us about Oklahoma City. Tim McVeigh wasn’t any part of a militia either. To imply this is a bold faced lie on the part of the US government. Tim McVeigh was a deranged killer who had plenty of assistance from various sectors in planning and executing the bombing in Oklahoma City.

For the record, patriotic militias don’t have any plans of killing US citizens. If they ever decide to resist, it won’t be against the American people. Visit their websites. Read their statements. They are patriotic Americans.

Are US citizens, right wing groups, militia members and veterans capable of violence? Yes, they are as much as any human is capable of violence. As with any violent incident, it depends on the circumstance and what forces a person to violence. Do oppressive governments push people into reacting violently? Yes, after all other means have been exhausted or fairness is ignored. When people revolt against governments, as they have done for centuries, the common denominator is the fact that the government was oppressive, the people only reacted to the oppression.

This country was founded by people that reacted against oppression, tyranny and unfair taxation. It would be wise to remember this.

If the government is so concerned about the citizens revolting then common sense would suggest that the government do an about face and stop oppressing the people. Stop with the excessive taxes. Stop with the harassment of ordinary citizens that question authority when their rights and freedoms are being threatened. Stop taking away rights and liberties afforded to US citizens by our founding fathers. Stop labeling Americans citizens that voice their opinions as potential terrorists. Stop allowing our known and sworn enemies to gain a foothold in our country. Quit sitting around observing Muslims who are planning terrorist acts and arrest them now and either imprison them or deport them. Stop the world banks from dictating US policies. Shut down the Federal Reserve and go back to the gold standard. Quit printing, borrowing and paying interest on counterfeit Fed money that isn’t backed by US gold assets. Withdraw the military from acting or participating outside of their authority inside of the United States. Put God back in his rightful place within our government and our society. Stop with this New World Order crap. We are a sovereign country and we want to remain as such.

These are just a few suggestions. The government needs to start recognizing the will of the people. The government works for us, we don’t work for them.

We pay their paychecks and yes, that makes every last one of these people accountable to the American people. 100% government transparency is the only acceptable standard. We should settle for nothing less.

In other words, “Don’t Tread On Us”.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.