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The CIA Torture Memos Release- Another Devious Act of Treason by Hussein Obama

“I personally expect a major catastrophic event, either biological or worse inside America within the first year of this dictator in office simply so he can place America under martial law.”

By Randy Taylor

23 April 2009: Just recently Hussein Obama decided to release confidential CIA data publicly. This raised eyebrows from some, genuinely upset others and fed the idiot thought process associated with Obama appointees and anyone who supports him or advises him.

Noticeably absent was any reference to the results produced by these enhanced interrogation techniques. Good information was derived, terrorist plots were derailed and lives were saved. Yet, there was no mention of this by the White House.

Anyone with any common sense would have to look at water boarding as more of a discomfort or psychological ploy as opposed to actual torture. Since it was also reported that suspects had to have this done to them over one hundred times to break them, I disagree with anyone who chooses to classify this as torture.  If it were indeed torture, they would have broken much sooner. Had we applied some real pain to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed like having his chestnuts roasting on an open fire, several thousand volts to his wet body hanging in a shower, maybe using a blow torch and hammers for persuasion then, maybe, on a receptive day on my part, you might argue the point to me that he was tortured. He planned the murder of tens of thousands of Americans and succeeded in killing 3000 Americans, so I don’t have much sympathy for that Muslim bastard. All in all, I’d say he was treated rather well. Had he been in Egypt or Jordan for the interrogations, he would probably be in the ground right now which is where he should be anyway.

Sleep deprivation isn’t torture either. Almost every person alive experiences this in small doses anyway. Big deal.  Once again, it’s a discomfort, an inconvenience, not torture. Anyone who has had a newborn with colic knows what sleep deprivation is.

The use of insects considered torture? Yes, if they were hornets and thousands of them repeatedly stinging him until all the insects and the terrorist are dead. But the methods we used don’t equate to much more than fishing on a southern US lake on any given night in July or August.

Actually, if you examine the methods that were used, the CIA should be commended on the fact that they have come up with some rather creative psychological discomforts that produce results without resulting in the death of the person being interviewed. Its far better treatment than anyone who is captured by Islamic terrorists would receive. It is better treatment than intelligence services in Islamic countries use, friend or foe.

You cannot tie the CIA’s hands with political correctness and expect them to be effective. Those people put their asses on the line every day and this is the thanks they get from the White House?

To further drive the point home that Hussein Obama cannot be trusted and is a pathological liar is the fact that he reversed his original decision to negate any prosecutions of personnel who may have been involved in these supposed torture processes within 24 hours. He has openly slapped the CIA in the face and has opened the door for prosecution of people issuing orders and even worse, following orders.

The comparison of these CIA memos to incidents at Abu Ghraib by the main stream media is pure idiocy. Some terrible things happened at Abu Ghraib yet to compare waterboarding and sleep deprivation to those events is asinine. It’s not apples to oranges.

Now, let’s sum this up and place this event and other events as of late into the proper perspective. Obama is systematically placing the few effective government people, patriots, Republicans and anyone who is considered a threat to his illegal control of America on a black list he has carefully prepared.  Obama is playing “romancing the Muslim”, “coddling the communists” and bad mouthing any form of true patriotism within America while wanting to outlaw free speech because he perceives patriotic Americans as threats to his idea of socialist government and his dictatorship agenda. He knows that as it stands at this precise moment in time, he cannot place America and her citizens into the position he desires, that being the position of a police state under a dictatorship. He cannot at this time force us into being participants in a global government. No, it will require one more drastic measure to bring us into the slot he has slated for us as Americans.

I personally expect a major catastrophic event, either biological or worse inside America within the first year of this dictator in office simply so he can place America under martial law.

He has to initiate something like this as his thought process is -he sees a major terrorist event as the only catalyst to use in order to sucker the law enforcement community and military to impose military restraints on America and her citizens, allowing him the dictator powers he needs. It will be sold to the American public, law enforcement and the military as necessary for national security and it will evolve into a systematically controlled stripping Americans of all rights including the right to assemble, the right to protest, the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, all under the guise of national security. Obviously communications will be cut and the media will only broadcast what is vetted for release to anyone fortunate enough to still have communications. Travel will be restricted and leaving the country will not be an available option once martial law goes into effect. Eventually, law enforcement and military will realize what is actually happening yet will have a difficult time in reversing it. Top military and law enforcement will either be bribed or threatened to remain loyal to the dictatorship. Dissenters will be done away with.

It will be much easier for Obama to introduce a captive, disarmed society into a New World Order globalist government because by then we are nothing more than sheep. Question is, what do we do?

Be safe. Stay vigilant.

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