Gaping Holes in our National Security

By Randy Taylor

26 April 2009: In a country that has steadily stripped away rights of American citizens under the guise of keeping them safe from terrorists, even the simplest minded of people would have to say that national security in the US is seriously lacking if not a open gate to terrorists entering the country. It is also proving to be a paradox with no explanation available other than, we are being lied to in order to push an unseen agenda or some people in our government are seriously corrupt.

The head of DHS, Janet Napolitano recently publicly blamed Canadian Immigration and Border Services for an imaginary influx of Middle Eastern terrorists into the United States. In her statement she spoke in a past tense manner stating:

“Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country or suspected or known terrorists have entered our country across a border, it’s been across the Canadian border. There are real issues there.”

This statement places the blame on the shoulders of the US Customs and Border Patrol as well as the Canadian agencies. I think it was a very irresponsible statement and only indicates that Napolitano is either inept or she is involved in corruption herself possibly stemming from her prior tenure as governor of Arizona. Someone needs to investigate this matter immediately. If Napolitano is going to convince anyone she is deserving of keeping her job, something must change immediately.

Why the head of DHS would even mention Canada while we are facing a crisis on our southern border with Mexico is beyond me. The problem isn’t north, the border problem is south.  Napolitano was the former governor in Arizona, that states border being one our largest security holes.  Napolitano, more than anyone else in Washington DC should be aware that the issue lies at the southern border, not the northern border. For her to ignore this is highly questionable.

The federal government has steadily been interweaving and meshing US military forces and federal agencies into state and local law enforcement agencies yet they have not utilized these troops or even state National Guard troops at the US/Mexican border. Does that not strike anyone as odd? I have a real issue with the Military being involved in law enforcement random stops, road blocks and searches within the US as we are not a military state. It is setting a dangerous precedent.

However, I don’t have a problem with placing the military at the border and shutting the border down altogether as to illegal crossings outside of authorized checkpoints. The job of the military is to protect the country, not enforce civil law within the country directed at American citizens. Under martial law, the roles change and unfortunately, it is as if we are being mentally conditioned and are becoming accepting of seeing military troops in battle fatigues, fully armed moving about our cities and towns. Yet an obvious border threat is being blatantly ignored. Why? It isn’t NAFTA or Napolitano wouldn’t have slammed Canada in her statements. Canada is a huge trading partner. So why?

The government, the mainstream media and even local law enforcement are covering up horrendous crimes happening everyday in Arizona, New Mexico and California. Our law enforcement people and citizens are being threatened, injured and killed almost every day either in Mexico or worse yet, within the US. This shouldn’t be happening period.

Drug dealers are moving huge quantities of drugs across the border into the US twenty four hours a day. Huge caches of weapons are moving both ways across the border. Border Patrol has had their hands tied by the government to where they don’t stand a chance out there yet meanwhile, funding and manpower for the border is not enough to stem the tide.

The corruption in the Mexican government is well known yet one has to look deep into our side of the equation and question why there is no serious enforcement from the US side, from the federal level. The lack of interest from DHS in securing the border can only mean one or two things. There is large scale corruption in our government or we are being set up for terrorist infiltration and attacks utilizing the southern border, to further another agenda of the government.

The drugs being shipped are for use in the US and for further distribution through the US into other parts of the world. The other REAL NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE is the movement of humans and other cargo across the border from Mexico. You cannot tell me that you have the national security of the US as your primary objective and meanwhile leave the US/Mexican border as it is currently. You cannot convince me that you have the best interest of the United States and her citizens at heart with the US/Mexican border as it is.

We are pissing away “stimulus” money on irrelevant crap across the board yet we are not dumping the money and manpower needed to secure the southern border. There is no point to the trillions of dollars we are throwing away on bad investments for the US, fighting terrorist overseas, running up our military budget, meddling in the business of the rest of the world if we are wide open for infiltration and attack right here on US soil through a thousand mile wide gate at our southern border. Why in the hell would someone want to chase a terrorist group in some third world country when we could be chasing them , stopping, arresting or killing right here at our own border?  Once you have secured the homeland at its perimeter, then we can discuss how to nail them at the source overseas. As a matter of policy, the national security of the US should begin at home.

Shouldn’t the safety of our own border and our people right here be priority one?

The point is, don’t try to sell me “National Security” as the reason for stripping away our rights when you are blatantly neglecting to protect our perimeter. I don’t buy it.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.