Best way to stop dissension? Initiate a pandemic emergency

Note from Doug Hagmann, Director: Well over 35,000 people die each year from the “normal, everyday flu” without so much as a passing reference by the media.  Today, we appear to have less than a few hundred people die and panic buttons are being pushed. WHY?

As we search for answers, one thing is obvious: we are NOT being told the truth. Something else is taking place. — Doug Hagmann

By Randy Taylor

30 April 2009: Monday morning the world was informed by media, DHS, CDC and WHO that we were facing a global pandemic. Death counts were greatly exaggerated. The deaths jumped from 84 deaths on Monday to 159 deaths on Tuesday. Drug stocks shot through the ceiling, face masks flew off the shelves. The federal government started hinting at quarantines and other “measures”. States such as Massachusetts approved martial law bills (Mass Senate No. 2028) to get ready for the “huge pandemic disaster” heading across the world. Nothing short of a National Emergency was in the making.Hussein Obama was on television last night talking about shutting down schools if need be. Parents were urged to have contingency plans. There’s been talk of shutting down borders, quarantines for people suspected of having the “Swine Flu”. I was waiting to hear jack boots on the pavement.

The gig was going pretty good as to the high death toll until people started using Google and were able to see that the majority of deaths were pneumonia related, not swine flu related. Then suddenly, Google removed some of the capability to view news reports from around the world. They have taken their links to International Version of Google News down from their news page feature worldwide. The bottom of the page used to include these links:

Argentina - Australia - België - Belgique - Botswana - Brasil - Canada English - Canada Français - ?eská republika - Chile - Colombia - Cuba - Deutschland - España - Estados Unidos - Ethiopia - France - Ghana - India - Ireland - Israel English - Italia - Kenya - Magyarország - Malaysia - México - Namibia - Nederland - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norge - Österreich - Pakistan - Perú - Philippines - Polska - Portugal - Schweiz - Singapore - South Africa - Suisse - Sverige - Tanzania - Türkiye - U.K. - U.S. - Uganda - Venezuela - Vi?t Nam (Vietnam) - Zimbabwe - ?????? (Greece) - ?????? (Russia) - ????? (Israel) - ?????? ?????? (Arabic) - ?????? (India) - ?????(India) - ?????? (India) - ?????? (India) - ?? (Korea) - ??? (China) - ??? (Taiwan) - ?? (Japan) - ??? (Hong Kong)

They are gone now. The majority of Americans will have to rely on main stream, “leftie,” Obama supporting media  - the official GOVERNMENT LINE - unless they want to invest the time required to research. Most people won’t spend the time, so they will settle for what the tube tells them. Government controlled media. Nothing new there.

This Google International Version of Google News is where I personally, as well as millions of others were able to read articles from Mexican national news agencies that the actual death toll from Swine Flu in Mexico as of Tuesday was only 7 people dead and only 26 infected. That’s a huge difference from the initial 1300 infected with some 84 deaths which elevated into 159 deaths within 24 hours. These news reports left the WHO, CDC and DHS with egg on their faces.

Yet still, to date, no massive immobilization of federal manpower to stop illegals coming across the borders outside of authorized points of entry. If this were truly a pandemic, the border would be closed already.

What is the point to all of this? If schools are closed, and shortly thereafter people are told they cannot assemble together, then all protests will be over. We will lose the ability to assemble. No assembly means the chances of dissenters in America being able to organize and protest will be eliminated. No more Tea Party protests. No more peaceful protests of any kind. If you were to protest, you would be violating martial law.

Hussein Obama will have severely damaged the ability of the people to openly disagree in numbers against his disastrous destruction of American rights. It would actually allow him to implement martial law if he chooses to do so.

He will have done it exactly how I described in an earlier article just prior to this Swine Flu Pandemic.  My statement on the 23rd of April, in an article titled “The CIA Torture Memos Release- Another Devious Act of Treason by Hussein Obama” written just prior to this madness was:

I personally expect a major catastrophic event, either biological or worse inside America within the first year of this dictator in office simply so he can place America under martial law.”

“He has to initiate something like this as his thought process is -he sees a major terrorist event as the only catalyst to use in order to sucker the law enforcement community and military to impose military restraints on America and her citizens, allowing him the dictator powers he needs. It will be sold to the American public, law enforcement and the military as necessary for national security and it will evolve into a systematically controlled stripping Americans of all rights including the right to assemble, the right to protest, the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, all under the guise of national security. Obviously communications will be cut and the media will only broadcast what is vetted for release to anyone fortunate enough to still have communications. Travel will be restricted and leaving the country will not be an available option once martial law goes into effect. Eventually, law enforcement and military will realize what is actually happening yet will have a difficult time in reversing it. Top military and law enforcement will either be bribed or threatened to remain loyal to the dictatorship. Dissenters will be done away with.

It will be much easier for Obama to introduce a captive, disarmed society into a New World Order globalist government because by then we are nothing more than sheep. Question is, what do we do?”

Things seem to have moved even faster than I had thought. The next few weeks and months should prove quite interesting. We’ll see. There may well be a pandemic happening right now. But the timing is definitely in question. So is Hussein Obama’s trip to Mexico just prior to this going public and becoming a pandemic.

There are no indications of this being a terrorist act by Middle Eastern terrorists. There would have been a statement or rejoicing by Muslims by now. History proves that.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.