Captain Chaos (aka Hussein Obama) Does it Again

By Randy Taylor

3 May 2009: While the majority of Americans are hiding in their homes because of Global Pandemic H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu warnings being blown out of proportion, Hussein Obama very sneakily forces Chrysler into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. When they emerge from bankruptcy, the US government will own about 8% of the company and we won’t get a stock or share certificate despite our money being used to do this. Why? Because in a socialist society the government owns the companies they are buying with our hard earned dollars, not the people. We are only here to finance these turd hunts with our tax dollars. Obviously there wouldn’t be stock certificates issued but it illustrates the point that when they say “the taxpayers”, it really means the government, with not so much as a hind thought as to what the taxpayers think. I know I didn’t vote on this. Yet Hussein Obama is acting on behalf of the American people? Right. Thanks for asking.The Pitfalls of Corporate Welfare

There is a point that is overlooked in every one of these government bailouts. The point is that the companies are sitting where they are currently because they aren’t selling enough products to generate cash flow to keep the doors open. The reason they aren’t moving product is immaterial, the bottom line is the products aren’t selling. Soon, GM will be on the chopping block and our tax dollars will be shoved into another black hole, a money pit once GM is faced with an Obamacide Corporate bailout plan. Obama is hinting through Rahm Emanuel that he might just let GM go out of business with the statement “I am really willing to let a company dissolve, and there’s not going to be an open checkbook”. Right.

It’s hardly fair to General Motors by Obamacide Corporate Welfare standards to assist one company and refuse the other. He should have never interfered with Chryslers financial issues to begin with. If Chrysler goes under, that’s tough. He set a piss poor precedent this week by getting involved with the Chrysler problem. If Fiat and Chrysler work out a deal, that wonderful.  Stay out of it.

In the case of failing automakers, let’s say that in the declining economy of 2009-2010 there will be 10 million new vehicles sold. Period. That’s it. There will be 10 million new vehicles produced and sold. You have three major car makers struggling and bordering on bankruptcy who are supposed to produce and sell those vehicles. What good does it do to funnel money into companies that at the end of 2010 are still right where they are today financially with parking lots full of cars that didn’t get sold, and the vehicles they sold didn’t keep them operating at a profit.  What did we accomplish? All we did was delay the inevitable and make loans that will never be collected on. Oh sure it sounds good to the unions and employees to keep building vehicles but at the end of the day, they are building vehicles that will not be sold, at least not enough to keep the companies going. We are only delaying bankruptcy and the fire sale to try to repay the creditors.

Let one or two of them go out of business. The surviving auto companies will pick up the residual from the failed company. This way the customers, the employees and the assets can be assumed by the survivors as needed. Let them merge, sell, do whatever they need to do to survive. By bailing the automakers out you are only helping them pay the payroll and produce vehicles, but bottom line is there isn’t anyone to purchase the vehicles. The American autoworkers have also brought this on themselves by way of unions and putting out inferior, over priced products. The unions have driven up the wages, forced benefit packages on the manufacturers that cannot be honored now in hard times and have forced the window stickers to where people cannot buy the cars anyway. Sure, they are agreeing to wage and benefit concessions now, but they were too greedy all along. The presence of the UAW in this Chrysler bankruptcy process is the nail that will seal the lid on the Chrysler coffin down the road.

How the US Government should help

If you want to help a US Auto company, then get off your ass and assist in setting up markets overseas for our automakers, as is without integrating foreign auto makers into the US companies. Tell countries like China that if they want to keep dumping their inferior crap here in the US that they have to purchase 3 million cars a year from the big three automakers. Tell Hugo Chavez that if wants to keep his CITGO stations operating here, he will have to buy 2 million US made cars each year. Help these companies develop markets overseas and negotiate better tariffs and taxes for our US companies. Make it a level playing field in the world market. Make the export market as strong if not stronger than the import market. Most of our financial woes lie with the failures of the United States in exporting US made products. It’s hard to compete with companies overseas (many of them our own that moved overseas) paying about a tenth of what we pay a US employee to produce goods with no benefits. Jack the tariffs way up on companies like Dell and others that moved production overseas and rearrange the market. Raise the tariffs to the point it would behoove them to move production back into the USA. We have the ability to do this.

obamamonkeychangeDumping money into these failing companies isn’t dealing with the crux of the issue or the circumstances that brought them to this point. Success and failure are the hallmarks of Capitalism. The government buying into the company and forcing companies into bankruptcy is Socialism. Trying to divide the US market equally among the big three through government interference and strong arm tactics is not the place of the government.


Companies fail in bad times. That’s the way it is. Take the hit and move on. Cut the losses. The government cannot create an imaginary market for failing companies. Look around Hussein Obama, your economy is heading into the toilet at breakneck speed and you are at the helm.

But then again, that was your plan to start with. Break us up economically and sell us of to foreign interests, sell us off to our enemies and the banks around the world. Reduce the American people to sheep who have to take government assistance to survive. Push Americans into a corner to where you hope they won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

Hussein Obama reminds me of the little monkey and the organ grinder. The world banking elite are the organ grinders and Obama is the little monkey with the cup collecting our tax dollars for the organ grinders. Winston Churchill once said “Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room”.

Get the Federal Reserve counterfeiting operation and the world banking elite out of our government decisions Hussein Obama. Quit selling us out.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.