Trilogy of Terror: al Qaeda, Jihad and Islam

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

9 June 2007: I remember as a child in school, the discussion of perpetual motion. For this editorial, I’ll stand by my belief that all motion has to have a starting point. True, it applies to objects but it also applies here as once this thing called Jihad was set into motion, it hasn’t stopped. It hasn’t even slowed down. Like unwanted weeds it is choking the lawn of freedom and democracy and squeezing the life out of what is good. But unlike weeds, this is going to be hard if not impossible to do away with.

Why? It’s because we refuse to identify the root cause of this Islamic terrorism problem.

In 2001 most Americans received their first real wake up call to the Jihad, were finally introduced in a most savage manner to al Qaeda and since have been repeatedly attacked by Islam. I mention all three because they are the Trilogy of Terror known as Islam, al Qaeda and the Jihad. One cannot survive without the other two. They are one.

The Jihad has been going on for decades but since September 11, 2001 this Islamic invasion of terrorism has spread like wild fire throughout the world and has become quite obvious, quite apparent. We knew of some regions where there were problems like Sudan, Afghanistan, Kenya, the Philippines and a few other areas such as Somalia and of course Palestine. Since that time it has grown and developed in an organized fashion in almost every country in the world. Growing like weeds, out of control. All of this was carefully orchestrated by the Islamic ideologues long ago. It was decided that Iran would be the base of the Caliphate and the oil rich country would provide the financing for terrorism and weapons development in their quest.

In order to exterminate the weeds of terror one must look very closely at the root system. This is the problem with the way the western world is looking at it. The governments, the people, the ones protecting us haven’t properly identified the roots of Islamic terrorism. Anything can be exterminated if you get to the roots. If you choose to leave it be and only defend against it, you still have to know the root of it, the identifying signs of its presence.

The unknowing, the “ignorant in their bliss” types continue to blame a small element in Islam which they refer to as “militant Islam”, the “few that have hijacked the religion” or al Qaeda. Let’s examine that closely and with a few simple facts, a little math and common sense you will see the “root system” of this Islamic growth. Until you acknowledge and decide to confront the “root system”, you cannot effectively protect yourself from it. Because of this refusal to identify, we are allowing terrorism to manifest, to grow.

There is a misconception that al Qaeda is the root of Islamic evil. Oh, granted, they are quite evil but simply being named al Qaeda or “The Base” doesn’t effectively shed light on the “base” or root system. Al Qaeda is only part of the problem. They didn’t start the fire. They were the accelerant on the fire. Some Islamic pedophile “prophet” named Mohammed started the fire, centuries ago. The rest have capitalized on it.

Fact: If we were to eliminate al Qaeda, Islamic terrorism (the Jihad) would still be present as it is today.

Fact: If we were to kill Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, Islamic terrorism (the Jihad) would still be present as it is today.

Why? Because we still haven’t dug down to the root cause. The root cause for both al Qaeda and the Jihad is Islam. If there was no Islam, there would be no al Qaeda, no Hamas, no Hezbollah, no Fateh al-Islam, no Taliban, no Jamaat al-Fuqra, no Islamic terrorist groups. The math is quite simple, at least for people firmly based in reality or real world thinking.

The problem is Islam and all the Islamic terrorist groups, Islamic terrorism, the war in Iraq with Islamic fanatics, the upcoming confrontation with the Islamic state of Iran, the war in Afghanistan with Islamic groups are all fueled by this same basic Islam.

Get it? Do the math people. Remove the Islamic factor from all of this and they become non-existent. They disappear.

No, I’m not calling for the extermination of Islam as regardless of how stupid one might be, they are still allowed to live and have their belief system or at least until you threaten my country. Instead,  I am calling for the proper identification of Islam as an overall religious concept of hatred and terrorism, insisting that its teachings and its intentions be openly exposed and discussed publicly (not the baloney that “moderate” pro-Islamic defenders of their faith spew forth in a feeble effort to defend the so called “religion”). Until we properly identify and openly acknowledge where the ideology of these radicals comes from we cannot even begin to defend against it. We are losing ground because we don’t see the entire problem. We haven’t properly identified Islam itself as the core root of the worldwide problem we face. We refuse to see it. Worse is that we refuse to speak about it although it is affecting every last person on this earth in one way or another.

People have a right to choose whatever faith or ideology they are comfortable with. But, when that religion or faith chooses to force itself on people in an effort to convert or kill based solely on their religion or religious beliefs, one has to examine the religion or faith itself to see if its teaching should be tolerated or even allowed within civilized society.

The reason this is necessary is because the religion in question, Islam, has stated that Israel has to be exterminated and this same religion has publicly acknowledged that it refuses to co-exist with other religions. Their ideology is a direct parallel to the Nazis of WWII Germany, a twisted reincarnation of the same thing. And in our ignorant bliss, our politically correct world of tolerance towards all, we are not only allowing Islam to exist, we are granting it special privileges not granted to other religions here in the US. We are changing dietary standards in public school systems to accommodate Muslims, changing educational curriculums, we are allowing them to build compounds, schools and mosques throughout the country where they are allowed to preach hate directed towards their host country and host society, where they are training for urban warfare, where they are formulating plans at this moment to attack the citizens and infrastructure of the people of the United States. They are storing arms and munitions, illegally working the black market within this country and financing the terrorist operations all over the world. We are making further accommodations within our armed services to allow Islam to fester there. To top it off, Islam has worked its way into our government, into our voting body here in the United States. What are we thinking? Are we thinking at all?

Here’s the key to why we are having the problems with Islam. Islam is a religion of submission, of dominance and refuses to co-exist with other religions. If the so called “Good Muslims” and “Moderate Muslims” would handle their own internal religious issues that are blackening their Islamic name then we wouldn’t be having such an issue with Islam overall. But they not only refuse to reign in the Jihad and the Islamic terror groups, they complain when we attempt to do so. The religion of Islam has allowed itself to become a liability, a threat to civilization itself. If a group of people were to start terrorizing others and using my faith as their banner, I’d be the first in line to hunt them down and deal with them. They would be rooted out, exposed, arrested or removed. Islam refuses to do this. Islamic countries only do enough to put on a show for their commercially based ally, the United States. They do just enough to be able to say they did something. They will allow terrorist groups to exist and train in their countries as long as they don’t attack or interfere with the government of the host Islamic country.

I’m growing quite tired of the people that insist that Islam is a religion of peace, love and tolerance. Show me somewhere in the world where Islam is predominate that is a great place to live. There is none.

I’m growing tired of liberals in our government that insist on giving Islam preference and credibility. These liberals are selling us out to the sworn enemies of the state. They haven’t a clue about National Security.

I’m tired of the people who are charged with protecting us only scratching the surface of the problem. They are failing in their mission and quite miserably.

I’m growing tired of people that only look halfway down the equation and don’t get to the root formula. You cannot fix it if you refuse to see it.

We have allowed Muslim organization here in the United States to develop into a powerful entity and group of entities that actually influence every branch of the government. They have been proven, even through public admission, of financing terrorist groups like Hamas, yet we allow them to exist. I’m not quite sure where this recognition and acceptance of terrorist entities as viable organizations started but it has to stop. If the founding members were terrorists or had terrorist ties then be assured that the group’s charter or core mission hasn’t changed.

One only has to read a newspaper or watch the news to see that the Islamic infection is growing here in the United States and is largely unchecked. There have been multiple terror plots broken up by law enforcement which amazingly were all Muslims and based in their Islamic faith. They are not the few, they are the many. They are not the exception to the rule, they are the rule. The two most recent arrest weren’t because some brave “moderate” Muslim stepped up, they were because of alert US citizens and because of informants making deals with the government for a reduced sentence. It worked, but the so called “Good” Muslims were noticeably absent. Are you going to try to convince me that no one in the Muslim communities, the Muslim mosques knew of these plots?

Until the so called “religion” of Islam gets its act together and reels in the “ones that hijacked the religion” it needs to be placed on hold from developing any further in this non-Islamic country of the United States.

“Project: Acceptance of Islam in America” needs to go back to the engineers for review and if it cannot be fixed, then scrap it. Do it while we still can.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.