Foreign Muslims Continue to be Smuggled into the United States

Foreign Muslims Continue to be Smuggled into the United States

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director

11 MAY 2009: Over the past couple of weeks we have seen numerous American officials make comments to the effect that there is no need to close the US-Mexican border to stem the spread of the SOI A/N1H1 virus. That might be true given that the number of confirmed human-to-human community transference cases in the lower forty-eight continues to rise and closing the border at this point would not make much difference.

Are we to assume then that our government also holds the same position with respect to foreign Muslim men (i.e. potential if not probable terrorists) who are well known by the United States Intelligence Community and federal law enforcement to have infiltrated the country via the Mexican border? One might logically make this assumption as it appears to be official Obama Administration-driven government policy. According to the above linked organizations reporting:

This is the third time within the last two weeks that Colombian officials have intercepted vessels transporting illegal aliens in the Caribbean; the total for these two weeks has now reached 89. Officials said that in each instance the vessel’s destination was Nicaragua’s coast as a stopover to continue toward the United States.

At the recent Summit of the America’s President Obama sat through a lengthy barrage of communist rhetoric coming from Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega. The best that Obama could do is offer his personal whimpering satisfaction that Ortega did not blame him for things which occurred when he was but a three-month old infant in November 1961.

Mr. President, need I remind you, sir, that the things which are occurring now are occurring on your watch as President of the United States, the office to which you swore (or affirmed) TWICE to faithfully execute, so help you God. Being that you are aware due to your daily intelligence briefings about events and information which the Border Patrol and INS officers might never have the “need to know” about, did you bother to discus with your Nicaraguan counterpart the role his nation has taken on as a port of entry for terrorist infiltration of the United States, and which therefore makes Nicaragua culpable as a state sponsor of terrorist activities?

Did you bother, Sir?

Can some one explain to me why am I asking this question of the President of the United States? Where are CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FoxNews and the rest of the so-called MainStreamMedia?

According to the National Association for Former Border Patrol Officers the Port of Entry to North America is Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua