Memorial Day 2008- Don’t Let Them Have Died in Vain

“Don’t be fooled into thinking that Islam is just another religious movement finding its own in the United States. It is a warped, corrupt, evil, multi-faceted blanket that encompasses all aspects of every country it infects. The religious system, economic system, political system is all sucked into Islamic hell in each of these Islamic governments. We do not want it here.” - Randy Taylor

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

26 May 2008: On this Memorial Day May 2008 we reflect on the losses of our heroes, our servicemen and women that have so selflessly offered their lives in the defense of this great nation. We need to make sure that these brave people didn’t die in vain.

I say this because the United States of America is changing, changing in a manner that would disgust most of the people we are honoring this day. These fallen ones fought for our freedom, our sovereignty, our democracy and they fought for a country they loved, they honored, and a country that they hoped with their dying breath wouldn’t squander what was paid for with their blood.

I’m afraid we are disappointing them.

Back in the 1700’s as we fought the British and won our freedom from them, a certain spirit was inserted into the people of this nation. A spirit of being independent, setting ground rules for a democracy designed to survive the trials and tribulation that our young newly formed nation surely would face over time. This country was established by God fearing men, patriots, men that believed in honor, traditional values and an almighty God. This great spirit carried on through the 1800’s and through the majority of the 1900’s.

The United States of America, the mere title used to carry some weight in the world. Now we are the nation of the confused, the traitors, the liberals, the sympathizers and the embracers. Oh, not all of our country has fallen off the toilet seat into the water but we sure are teetering on the edge. There are still those of us that believe that there is hope for us, that one day we will develop a backbone again where one used to be. When you watch television with these two nauseating Democratic candidates for the office of president one has to wonder where we went wrong.

The mere fact that anyone is even considering Barack Hussein Obama for our next president shows that we are in deep trouble. This goes just as well for anyone thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton. They both lie through their teeth and neither one has a clue on how to protect this nation from our enemies.

Does either of these people strike you as being even close to someone we would want to lead this country in the perilous times ahead? There is much more to the stability of this great nation than just economic security or growth. There is a serious real time threat on our doorstep that is called Islam. This is far more deadly than any threat we have ever faced and will ever face. The fact that we have people that are willing to buy into the Democratic rhetoric of economic Utopia at the price risking national security tells me that we have lost all sight of what our forefathers had in mind when they established this great nation.

Barack Hussein Obama should never see the White House front door. He shouldn’t even see the place on a visitor pass. He isn’t worthy of the position and he will sell us out to the Middle Eastern terrorist conglomerate. His words indicate this exact sentiment; his evasive rhetoric is much like the same spin that Ahmadinejad uses when he speaks. Note the similarities, the lies and what is more alarming is the ease to which these two lie when they speak. It is a well practiced sales speech where one would be wise to read the fine print and read between the lines. With the Islamic threat upon us, I don’t think that having a Muslim or Muslim sympathizer in our head office is a brilliant move. Period. I don’t think in World War II anyone was considering a German or Japanese sympathizer in the White House on the next go around for the presidency. I don’t remember having read about any British gents being considered for public office before, during or after the Revolutionary War either. So in the middle of this growing problem with the Middle East why are we even considering this punk Barack Hussein Obama?

He will sell us out to the Islamic devil within a couple of years. There will be more mosques than churches in this country, the black reformist, nationalist or whatever movement will start booming under the leadership of losers like Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. and if elected, you can be sure that Obama and Wright will become fast friends again because then it won’t matter. Byproduct of that relationship is that now you will have a militant black preacher who has the ear of the president. We will be seeing the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton until we are ready to puke, Keith Ellison will have a place at the White House table and the White House front door will look like a mall door in Dubai with all the Muslims passing through it making deals with Obama.

Is that what we want for our nation? Look at the UK right now. They are being overrun with this Islamic crap. It is spinning out of control. Is that what we want here? I hope not although from the looks of it, Islam is making headway here in leaps and bounds. The Islamic plan of taking over America is well under way and people just don’t see it.

This article below is a shining example of how Islam is infiltrating our country at all levels. Islam wants all references to God removed from our government yet they will not hesitate to sneak in the back door. That is why there are groups out here on the front lines looking out for your freedoms, your way of life. We cannot depend on the government to do it so once again, just as it was in the 1700’s there are those of us that will take up the fight.

Read this article below and maybe it will prompt you to question your children about who is talking to them in their classrooms.


Parents Outraged After Islamic Group Gives Classroom Presentation

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla.Some high school students in a Seminole County public school got a lesson in Islam. Outraged parents at Lake Brantley High School called Channel 9 after an Islamic group visited the classroom.

Parents say the discussion violated the separation of church and state, because, they said, the discussion touched on specific elements of Islam and the Koran. Students in one particular class at Lake Brantley High School didn’t have a choice about whether they wanted to be involved.

It was just the second day of a new class at Lake Brantley High School called “Family Dynamics,” but students said guest speakers were there to talk about something else.

“She said, ‘Mom, three Muslim ladies came in and talked about Islam today in school,’” said parent Lisa Wagner. Wagner’s daughter was one of about 35 in the class who heard from the Academy for Learning Islam. The school district said it invited the group to talk about cultural diversity, but the conversation went beyond that.

“I just felt like it shouldn’t have been available in the classroom at all. Religion should be separate from school,” Wagner said.

“Would three nuns be allowed to come into a classroom and talk about Jesus and the Bible?” WFTV reporter Eric Rasmussen asked Regina Klaers with Seminole County Public Schools on Thursday.

“If those three nuns came in to talk about how their religion has affected history, yes,” she said. However, district officials admit the in-class discussion at Lake Brantley may have crossed the line. The leader of the Muslim group showed Eyewitness News the presentation students were supposed to see and said his volunteers knew they weren’t supposed to talk about religion.

“It’s not preaching a religion. It’s far from it,” said Hasnain Kassamali, Muslim leader.

Local activist groups like the United American Committee have also denounced the presentation. District officials said the three presenters were last minute subs for a different woman who was supposed to speak and now they’re reviewing their guest speaker program to make sure they know exactly who’s involved.


Of course, they didn’t realize that there are some true Americans out there who managed to get their sneaky stinking Islamic asses kicked out of the school system altogether.


I like those folks. Support them. Support everyone like them. Regain your country. Write letters to your Congressional representatives, write to your Senators. Swamp the White House with letters. Speak your mind and tell them that this is America in case they have forgotten. Make them aware that if they support this Islamic invasion through supporting Islam, that if they consider laws that benefit Muslims over believers in God that their days in office will be short lived. Tell them that you want your country back. These Muslims should be seen and not heard. There isn’t a Muslim that has anything to offer this country that is useful. Look at the Muslim countries in the world. Do you want to have your country look like that in ten, twenty or thirty years? There is nothing remotely appealing about living in an Islamic state or anywhere where Islam has any voice.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Islam is just another religious movement finding its own in the United States. It is a warped, corrupt, evil, multi-faceted blanket that encompasses all aspects of every country it infects. The religious system, economic system, political system is all sucked into Islamic hell in each of these Islamic governments. We do not want it here.

So on this Memorial Day of 2008 please remember what our heroes fought and died for all these years. Don’t let them down. Honor them and their families by starting today to regain control of this great nation before it is too late. Take this day to sit down with your family and make a commitment to change the direction of this nation. Pray for this nation today at dinner. Pray for this nation everyday as I do. God is listening folks. Just ask him to intervene and he will.

Remember: His part we cannot do, our part he will not do.

I’ll enclose a list of links to all the people who need to hear from you. Pick a name from your area, region or district. Write them today. Do it with your family. Have everyone sign the letter. Be heard. Let’s shake the tree and see what falls out.

Congressional links:

Take a minute this fine day and search this list for your Senator and drop them an email. Tell them how you feel. Tell them what you think. Give them something to read Tuesday morning.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.