Warnings of a bio-attack & the art of public deception

Warnings of a bio-attack & the art of public deception

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

4 June 2009: The “breaking exclusive” published yesterday by The Washington Times warning of a possible bio-attack from the southern border is curious in terms of both timing and content. The basis of the news article is a video that aired on al Jazeera TV in February - over four months ago. All American media had access to this very video at the same time it was broadcast in February, yet disregarded any reference to it. Shortly after the release of this video was made public in February, the Northeast Intelligence Network received numerous e-mails about its existence. An evaluation of the video by investigators and analysts found nothing significant in terms of its intelligence value beyond the obvious, yet remained amazed by the interest generated by the video. Now, there is a renewed interest in this video, and even the most patriotic and well-meaning Americans are being duped in the name of national security.  Since the early 1990’s, there’s been a concerted effort by the U.S. administrations, officials on both sides of the political spectrum and the media to connect the “conservative right” with neo-Nazi right-wing extremists. Myths created by political operatives at the highest levels within our intelligence agencies and the media charged with perpetuating such myths have been effectively and subtlety altering public perception for decades. The veneer of subtlety became insidiously overt during the investigation of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. That case itself could serve as “Exhibit A” as a leading example of globalists within the U.S. government, from those within the administration to the leaders of the intelligence agencies, creating the myth that right-wing extremists had suddenly joined forces with Islamic terrorists to the extreme peril of the government and the safety of American citizens.

Despite voluminous evidence authenticated in multiple legal venues to the contrary, the myth of a “neo-Nazi” or any “right-wing” connection to the Oklahoma City bombing has been purposely promoted in order to advance public opinion against those fighting to protect our national sovereignty,  constitutional protections and cultural identity. Whoever is tasked with conducting a historical post-mortem examination on the democratic and sovereign existence of the United States of America would likely identify the mythical association between “neo-Nazi, right wing zealots” and Islamic terrorists a significant factor that ultimately contributed to an incorrect diagnosis and wrong course of treatment. That intentional misdiagnosis led to a course of treatment that resulted in the abandonment and subsequent death of America’s traditional principals of liberty, justice, and concepts of government.

Most Americans were surprised and outraged by the recent revelation that the Department of Homeland Security under Janet Napolitano classified anyone concerned with the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, gun rights, military veterans, and even those wanting answers to legitimate questions about Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to hold office as President of the United States as “potential [security] threats.”  The legitimate assembly of millions of Americans who gathered last April 15 as protesters against taxation were placed under surveillance by federal law enforcement agencies - a measure that redirected intelligence assets away from enemies who are entrenched in our land - to true red-blooded, patriotic Americans who care about the American way of life as it was once known. For those paying attention to the events of the last two decades, this should have come as no surprise. The globalists have been setting this very stage for a long time, but those who tried to sound the alarm were frequently branded as  “conspiracy nuts” by nearly everyone from political hacks to paid facilitators.

The definition of terrorism has been convoluted to include anyone voicing concerns over our civil liberties. Meanwhile, those in charge of conducting our domestic fight against terrorists continue to leave our national borders wide open, threaten and harass  potential whistle blowers or those who are concerned with genuine security issues, and manipulate public reports about potential bio-attacks at the hands of home-grown, right-wing extremists. While there will always be delusional and paranoid crackpots fitting the mold of a potential anti-government terrorist willing to assist any cause, the number is minimal and their activities are generally identifiable. Many are so off-the-wall that the rank and file kooks are quick to turn them in to authorities, lest they become erroneously associated with them in their criminal enterrprise.

It is important to look beyond the headlines and question the purpose behind stories that suddenly become news after a four-month incubation period. Based on the rapidly moving agenda of this administration and those working in tandem, an agenda designed to erode our rights, liberties and national sovereignty, we must look at this story, ask questions and demand answers.

Our future depends on it.