Obama’s speech in Cairo — decoded

Obama’s speech in Cairo — decoded

By Guest Columnist Tom Kovach

8 June 2009: Several talk-radio hosts have discussed the overtly pro-Muslim (and even anti-American) remarks in the text of [Alleged] President Barack Obama earlier today in Cairo. But, so far, even some of the heavy-hitters of the talk-radio world have avoided analyzing the “code-speak” contained in his landmark speech. This column seeks to help average Americans to understand the hidden meanings that Obama has conveyed — on our behalf -  to the Muslim world.

For those that do not already know, there is prophetic meaning to Obama’s name.  It is especially important to note that his family name means “crooked”.  Yes, you read correctly.  (For the details, click this link.)

Those that use symbols and code-speak to advance hidden agendas utilize a variety of methods.  Under the Muslim philosophy of taq’qiyah (“holy” deception), it is quite acceptable for a Muslim to mislead and lie in order to advance the cause of Islam.  Some people, especially those with a strong Bible-based faith, have difficulty with the thought of needing to de-code the speech of an elected official.  Because those people would not lie, they assume that others believe likewise.  Crooked politicians use that situation to their advantage.  It is important for all Americans to realize that corrupt officials like to “hide in plain sight” with regard to their subversive agendas.

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