In Memorium: Paul M. Johnson, Jr.

In Memorium: Paul M. Johnson, Jr.

19 June 2009: In memory of the late Paul M. Johnson, Jr. whose cold-blooded beheading at the hands of Islamonazi’s in Saudi Arabia occured five years ago on 18 June 2004. Paul was an engineer with defense contractor Lockheed-Martin and was based in Saudi Arabia.

A remembrance service attended by over 100 veterans, local officials and friends, was held yesterday at William J. Stanton Memorial VFW Post 316 in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.
The Asbury Park Press carried this story as its banner headline and story on local editions of the paper. The concluding sentences of the report really hit the nail on the head regarding how America is dealing with this war eight years after 9/11. Paul’s sister, Donna Mayeaux, made the point that “families of people who died in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 received a lot of counseling and support, whereas families of other victims of terrorism have garnered little sympathy.” Donna Mayeaux continued, “Even recently, I had phone calls from people, asking, “‘Why are you doing this service? It’s been five years.’ They don’t ask people who lost family in 9/11, “Why are you doing doing another 9/11 ceremony?’ I feel I’m being judged for still hurting.”"

Indeed, like Paul, the names of the other American victims of beheadings and outright cold-blooded murder at the hand of Islam have all but been forgotten by the majority of Americans. I can only repeat what I posted as a comment to the Press article:
“May God Bless and comfort Donna Mayeaux and all surviving family, friends, co-workers and those who attended this memorial service for Paul M. Johnson, Jr. May God bless and keep Paul M. Johnson, Jr.

The last two sentences of this article make it unambiguously clear many Americans have forgotten that we are at war, that this war was declared upon us by fundamentalist Islam. This forgetfulness will be lapse only when the next act of terror against this Republic and its people occurs.

Those who question the need for this memorial service make it unambiguously clear that many of our fellow citizens would also rather forget 9/11, those we honored just three weeks ago on Memorial Day, and the other fellow Americans and Christians from other nations beheaded or murdered in cold-blood by fundamentalist Islam.

Real Americans never forget their fallen, especially in times of war.