As the Giant Falls

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

24 November 2008: It’s been kind of quiet around here lately as the staff here tries to digest what has transpired since the night of the elections. I’ve been at a loss for words and thoughts to put on paper. Our goal is helping to protect the security of this great nation yet I am astounded by the fact that American actually voted Barack Hussein Obama into the highest office in this nation. A Black Muslim is now our president and we can’t even get definitive proof by birth certificate of who he really is.

Our Constitution is no longer readable in a manner that promotes freedom and democracy and our country is up for sale to our enemies. We are in horrific economic times and that places us into a national security night mare as based on previous behaviors, Washington DC will surely sacrifice vital security measures in a feeble effort to appease our enemies at the negotiating table as we parlay or attempt to parlay our way out of our economic descent. Unfortunately, the people with money overseas are not interested in seeing the United States survive this crisis but are instead only concerned with how they can benefit as we crumble.  A broke, manipulated, feeble country cannot defend itself.

We are bailing US companies out that have huge foreign interests and the people overseas are benefitting from this foolishness. We are staving off the inevitable collapse of these companies before they are completely bought up by companies from other nations while many of these nations are our enemies. Wait and see, this will come to pass.  Middle East monies, Russian monies and Chinese monies will flow into our banking system and with this influx of overseas monies pieces of America will be sold. On the flip side, if they just sit back and watch, we will nose dive into the economic toilet.

The idea of capitalism is disappearing and when that happens, we are setting ourselves up for socialism. Look at all the socialist countries and tell me that this is the way you want to live. Sure if you are a government bloodsucker that relies totally on the government to survive, it’s another day at the welfare office. What do you care? Unfortunately most of these types are the ones that voted this idiot into office since he is an advocate for socialism they feel that they will surely benefit from his tenor as president.

I have no doubt that the lazy and disenchanted will benefit from the new president.  Black Empowerment will be the word of the day and the Muslims will benefit from this as they have been working closely with the blacks in this country, far more than the whites to preach and perpetuate their Islamic trash within our cities primarily the ghettos. There aren’t near the amount of white Muslim converts as there are Black Muslim converts. I wonder why that is? As well, the names of a vast majority of Black Muslim converts incidentally also appear on our welfare recipient list. Must be a coincidence, right?

It’s an old well documented strategy where Islam goes into villages and towns primarily those where the people are needy and they provide food and clothing with a catch, the catch is you have to attend mosque so they can convert the person to Islam in order to keep receiving the food or clothing. This is where Islam thrives in recruitment. Look at Somalia, Algeria and other new hot spots. Those villagers that now carry AK-47’s and attack the government troops didn’t know a damn thing about Islam twenty years ago. People that don’t have anything are going to comply with their Islamic manipulators wishes.

We used this same method with missionaries to convert people to Christianity in many African countries but I don’t recall issuing AK-47’s to them and ordering them to defend the faith to the death.

Let’s get back to our situation here. You can be assured that in the near future it will be unlawful to speak, write or convey anything derogatory about Islam in the United States. Petrol and oil will insure that this comes to pass. Barack Hussein Obama has no intention of finding alternative fuels, drilling offshore or pursuing methods of America being self sustaining as far as fuel sources. Look at his campaign dollars and please realize that a huge chunk came from overseas. He will not bite the hand that feeds him. Just as Ayman al-Zawahiri indicated in the film this last week, Obama is a house Negro and the only difference from what Zawahiri said is that he serves another house, not ours.

When you look closely at Barack Hussein Obama, the man has done absolutely nothing to earn or deserve the trust of the people of the United States. He refuses to produce a valid live birth certificate, he has spent his life organizing the disenchanted to rally against the government, he has surrounded himself with highly questionable people all his life who he conveniently distanced himself from during the elections. However, be assured that once he has the office of President, these shady characters will be seen with him. People like Jeremiah Wright who has openly screamed “Goddamn the United States of America” will be welcomed into the Obama fold as once he secures the office seat, he doesn’t have to hide his radical affiliations anymore. The agendas of these radicals will become legislation and will become quite abusive in nature to the remaining citizens in this country.

One would ask how Obama actually pulled this off.  His campaign was well run and focused on getting the younger generation to vote. Remember when you were 18 years old and didn’t know your ass from a hole in the ground when it came to real world scenarios? This is the group primarily that seated this jerk. These kids weren’t even old enough to vote when 9/11 happened and damn sure don’t understand the implications this person as president brings to the table. People were so upset with George W. Bush that they would have voted for Bozo the Clown if he had run on the Democratic ticket. We are a nation of amnesiacs and ignoramuses when it comes to politics and national security, well at least better than 50% of us are.

So, get ready to start turning in your firearms, paying at least 10% higher taxes, losing your place in society based solely on your race, possibly paying a higher sales tax, losing certain deductions on your tax returns, paying astronomical amounts for fuel, having your free speech limited to pure political correctness and finding out that some rights you thought you had no longer apply. Heaven forbid you owning a Confederate flag as you will be in a heap of trouble. Islam will rise to unbelievable levels within the government and the Bible along with God will be pushed out completely. Laugh now and say that Randy Taylor is crazy yet I will graciously accept your change of tune in a couple of years.

I wish I had something positive to add here but cannot really think of anything.  When al Qaeda pops us with a couple of nukes you will wish that John McCain had been elected.

Let me close with a joke.

There was a young man who went to a pawn shop and after shopping around, he purchased a cat statue and headed out the door with it. As he walked a block or two he noticed that there were several cats now following him at a short distance. As he proceeded several more blocks he looked back and saw literally thousands of cats following of all shapes, colors and sizes. He started growing concerned and headed for the cliff overlooking the river at the edge of town. As more cats started following he broke into a run and stopped at the edge of the cliff and tossed the cat statue into the waters below.

Amazingly enough all of the cats following him ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped into the waters too.

Intrigued, the man went back to the pawn shop, walked in and asked “Do you have any Obama statues?”

Be safe and stay vigilant.