Putting the Obama Puzzle Together

Putting the Obama Puzzle Together

By Randy Taylor

This has taken some time to put together, yet once you read this piece in its entirety, hopefully the puzzle of Obama will come into clear focus. I’ve been puzzled by his very presence, by his quick, unexplained rise to power, his predetermined placement in the mass of confusion we are experiencing.

The last eight years under Bush created great divides in this country on both sides of the American political spectrum. Most everyone was in favor of war in 2001 especially after we suffered the attacks of 9/11. Yet, as usual, America was quick to forget their initial reactions to 9/11 and as the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq waged on without measurable results, their interest in war diminished. This is understandable, as we are a results oriented society and culture and the results still aren’t clearly visible. We still have not killed or captured Osama bin Laden nor have we put much of a dent in the spread of Islamic terrorism around the world. Any claimable results we may have in Afghanistan and Iraq are overshadowed by the massive spread of Islamic terrorism in other regions of the world, which at best makes these wars a loss with the cost of trillions of dollars and the massive loss of life on US forces, Canadian forces, other coalition forces as well as civilian casualties.  The Islamic terrorist are still very active and their presence is growing in Afghanistan, Iraq as well as Somalia, Yemen, Algeria and other countries in Africa and the Middle East. This is where we are today and this is where we stood on November 4, 2008. The entire world blamed Bush for this mess. It was time to put the George W. Bush puppet away and dig out a new one for the White House. Let’s see, the black one, controversial, hint of Muslim loyalty, birth certificate issues, and the polar opposite of Bush on campaign trail. Yep, that’ll work.

Out of obscurity a young, black politician emerges. He was completely opposite of George Bush and John McCain in all his campaign rhetoric. He made promise after promise to his ever growing voting base. He says the wars will be ended, the troops will come home, promises no more big government, says he believes in government transparency, etc. He woos the young voters like a rock star, uses the internet to secure votes and spread his lies. He makes promise after promise, knowing he will not keep any of them.

People were so upset with George Bush, they would have voted for Bozo the Clown if he had run against the Republican Party. This helps insure victory for this young unheard of politician. He takes the election with an estimated 51% of the nation’s vote, which even if the results weren’t exactly accurate; it doesn’t matter as Presidents aren’t elected anymore. They are chosen and the Electoral College insures this. The election process is a dog and pony show, as these decisions are made long before November 4 each election cycle. Even so, there still has to be the appearance that the “most popular” candidate wins so there isn’t an investigative review of the electoral process.

So why was Barack Hussein Obama chosen? This is actually quite obvious when you examine the case. The fact that he is a Muslim was hinted at during the elections yet never proven. This drew the support of the ever growing Muslim population in the US. Groups like CAIR and other Muslim groups very quickly threw their Saudi dollars into campaign support to sell Obama to the US voters. The very fact that he may not have even been born in America, but instead Kenya made him even more popular with Muslims.

The Muslim connection was the key in this process. George Bush wasn’t very popular with Muslims around the world and John McCain was viewed as an extension of George Bush and his policies. McCain never had a chance. Actually most of America was surprised when McCain was placed on the ticket as the Republican nominee. We all asked “Out of all the Republicans available to run, why McCain?” McCain was chosen because McCain would not win. This was predetermined.

Obama was brought in for one reason and one reason only. The scope of work for Obama is make friends with key powers in the Muslim world while crippling America into economic depression to the point that a one world government will appeal to the people. The powers that be, the ones that are behind the scenes and dictate to the White House need to insure the support of all major Muslim countries, except for Iran.  He United States is intent on seeing Iran brought down whether by the US or Israel, but brought down either way. The problem with attacking Iran though is the lack of support by the other key nations in the Muslim world. I’ll explain the necessity of either disarming or destroying Iran a bit later.

Bush used to dance around the subject of Islam and made feeble attempts at gaining support of the key Muslim countries by saying that Muslims were a peaceful people and that the religion had been hijacked by a few bad people. However, he was the one that initiated the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq so his credibility was severely damaged in that regard. He could say what he wanted but the bottom line is he signed the orders for war.

Obama on the other hand campaigned against the war. This made him a hopeful in the eyes of the Muslims from the onset. Since he took office he has bent over backwards to appeal to the Muslim world as an ally. Obama is appointing Muslims into key positions within the US government, is speaking out against Israel, is sympathetic to Palestinians and is pulling troops out of Iraq. Why? It is simply to look sympathetic to Muslims and as a gesture to show tolerance and gain their support. Classic bait and switch in progress.

Barack Hussein Obama is a plant, a Manchurian candidate of sorts. He was chosen by the architects and designers of this New World Government. I’m not 100% entirely sure who these people are but there is a group behind the scenes that are orchestrating key governments with the end result being a one world government. George Bush Sr. spoke of this new world government, Bill Clinton spoke of it and George W. Bush spoke of it and even the Pope states that this is the way to save the world economically. It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore, it is fact. The only question is exactly who is running the show. Many speak of the Bilderberg Group as the group behind the scenes and granted, they are behind the scenes but they are a distraction, a decoy. They are too obvious and too easily seen. The Bilderberg Group keeps the conspiracy theorists busy while the real powers operate without an audience. They are the front men for the real powers pulling strings.

Anyone who has studied Islam at all knows that Iran, the seat of hardcore Islam will never agree to a New World Government that isn’t 100% Islamic and under Sharia law. Islam is a religious system that encompasses government and every detail of life. It isn’t just a religion. Their entire political system is built around it. This does not fit in with the New World Government that is planned for us.  But if we want to eliminate or disarm Iran, we will need the support of the other key Muslim countries in the Middle East. The countries that we are attempting to gain support from are all recipients of Western dollars and are interested in economic growth for their countries. They would entertain a world government as they would benefit from it. Iran has no interest in this plan. Not that it was ever presented to them, it is a given that they will not accept it. They would push the world into World War III before they would surrender their sovereignty to a New World Government run by non-Muslims.

Iran is a threat to the western world and Israel, make no mistake. The al Qaeda movement and militant Islam are extensions of this Islamic threat. Yet we have a unique situation where we have two huge threats to our freedom and our way of life. We have Iran, the seat of Islamic terrorism worldwide that would like to see us destroyed and at the same time, we have our own government stripping away our rights, systematically destroying our economy and rapidly surrendering our sovereignty as a nation in favor of a New World Government. The other threat is indeed our own government. The worst part is that our western leaders have taken the Islamic threat to western civilization and used it in their favor as a method of stripping away our rights, invading our privacy and surrendering our sovereignty to this New World Government, all under the guise of improving our security. Security at the sacrifice of basic freedoms isn’t really security. Placing Muslims into key government positions doesn’t exhibit clear thinking on security matters either, but it is a measured risk in the eyes of the powers that be.

All the focus is on Iran right now as it has been for the last seven years, immediately after we invaded Iraq. Obama keeps the focus on Iran too, offering to have dialogue with them, yet knowing they won’t accept. But to the Muslim nations, it looks as though Obama is trying. That is why he was brought in. To make the US look Muslim friendly to the Muslim countries that are not as hard core as Iran. He wants to see us merged with these “friendly” Muslim countries under a one world government. He is selling us out to our enemies.

We moved into Afghanistan and Iraq to gain strategic positions on Iran. This was obvious. Iraq didn’t have the weapons of mass destruction to the extent that we claimed. Bush even made several jokes about WMD’s at a speaking engagement when he was President as he knew damn good and well that Iraq wasn’t the threat he made it out to be.  But Saddam had to go as he would have never subscribed to a new world government either. We now have airbases in both countries which allows for ground or air movement against Iran when the time comes. Even if we withdraw, we will never fully leave these countries. We will maintain a military presence there just as we have done with every other country we have “withdrawn” from.

Barack Hussein Obama has not kept a single campaign promise and his supporters should take note of this. We are withdrawing some troops from Iraq yet we are beefing up in Afghanistan. He hasn’t done squat for the economy and is instead installing a Socialist agenda within our country. He is signing us up for Cap and Trade Agreements which has Americans being set up to pay taxes or penalties to a central world government body, which is obviously part of this new world government being imposed on us. He doesn’t place any value on any human life that is viewed as a burden or a mistake. He is manipulating the media ferociously and is censoring press conferences at the White House while saying he believes in government transparency. He is a liar and a fraud. That isn’t just my opinion, no, that is fact. Do the research.  Go back and look at his campaign and then look at what he has done since he has been in office.

Beware of this person. Beware of all that agree with him or speak in a like manner of a one world government. They are a detriment to mankind as a whole. They are the precursors of the beast.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. -Thomas Jefferson