U.S. Soldier Captured - The Taliban Video

U.S. Soldier Captured – The Taliban Video

19 July 2009: The Northeast Intelligence Network has secure the entire 28-minute video of the U.S. soldier allegedly captured by Taliban forces in Afghanistan. The entire video can be viewed by clicking HERE. (Please right click on link, select “Save as” or “Save target as” to save on your computer). The video is in .wmv format and was secured by deep-cover intelligence operative Archangel.

Statement from the Northeast Intelligence Network

After the video underwent the normal investigative and authentication process by this agency, we decided to make the entire video available and accessible to the public. It is not lost upon us that the enemy is using this video purely for propaganda and exploitation purposes, which is one of the stated reasons that some news agencies, including Fox News, has decided not to show the video.

The Northeast Intelligence Network respects that opinion, although believes that the public has a right to see the video without political commentary. We believe that the vast majority of those visiting our site are astute enough to understand the goals and objectives of the Islamic terrorists who are reportedly holding this soldier. We also believe that the public – in particular the American public – has not only a right, but a responsibility to all of our troops serving our country on our behalf to support them in every way possible. It is our collective opinion that support, in the case of Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, is to insure that he is not forgotten, and that his safety and welfare is closely and openly monitored.