Adam Gadahn appears on an as-Sahab Release

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

4 October 2008: Earlier today, shortly after 12:00 AM October 4, 2008 EST a video was released featuring the “surfer turned Jihadi” Adam Gadahn. The movie was released in English and another copy was released with Gadahn speaking English and an Arabic translator translating his words into Arabic [with Gadahn muted out].

The highlight of the film was al Qaeda’s obvious displeasure with the Pakistani government for their alliances with the Americans in the hunt for al Qaeda remnants in the mountain tribal regions of Pakistan and neighboring areas. The film was more of a plea to Pakistanis to not be fooled by the false premise of the Pakistani government being upset about US Military incursions over the Pakistani border and to assist the mujahideen in their fight against crusader forces.

Overall, there wasn’t much significance on the surface to this video. If anything it sounds as if the “near hits” as of late against Ayman al-Zawahiri and the supposed killing of Gadahn are making them a bit nervous. Worth mentioning is that they will continue to elude us as they have done for years unless we are given full access and full authority to pursue them in the region, all gloves off. Since that isn’t going to happen, we can only hope for a lucky Predator missile hit.

As to Gadahn reportedly being killed, I hope you have learned something. Don’t believe everything you hear in the mainstream media. There are certain tell tale signs that appear after a prominent al Qaeda figure is killed while performing jihad. Until you see the body,  assume that person is still alive.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.