Some Interesting Things to Consider

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

3 October 2008: We received quite a bit of response recently as we have shared some of the chatter on the al Qaeda Arabic internet forums. It’s been difficult because many of the typical venues of communication have been shut down by the people that operate these forums and chat rooms.

A recent communiqué has bugged me since I first read it. It was the one where the person mentioned the first Tuesday after Ramadan as a possible date for terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad, against US interests. What was significant about that Tuesday? After doing some research the significance wasn’t the day, it is the date. Tuesday October 7, 2008 isn’t significant as to 2008 but October 7 is significant as it is the date back in 2001 when the US and UK attacked Afghanistan.

I will state this quite openly. Over the years there has been many dates speculated as a possible date for al Qa’ida to unleash attacks in the North American continent and abroad. I wouldn’t put any more thought into Tuesday after Ramadan than I would any number of dates. I only mention this date because of the communiqué and the fact that it was a significant event date in the War On Terror.

Potential for Civil Unrest

We are currently picking up communications which elude to the possibility of civil unrest in the inner city environments as a prelude to other events.  The potential for this type of unrest is actually quite viable as economic conditions have been a reason for civil unrest in the past. A notable aspect has been the focused recruitment drive by Islamic entities here in the US within the inner cities populations. Gangs, State prisoners, locally incarcerated persons in county jail facilities and entire low income neighborhoods have all been targets of very successful Islamic recruitment.

Most of these individuals are inner city residents and have the potential to present quite a problem to law enforcement in these areas. They are highly organized and are very much against the “establishment”. If they were to amass and start civil unrest it could become quite ugly. The concept of these Islamic recruits is much like having a militant Islamic army already in place, armed and dangerous both in weaponry and Islamic militant ideology.

Civil unrest could also serve as a very well paced diversionary tactic for groups like al Qa’ida and Hezbollah as law enforcement would be quite busy with the civil disturbances. It would allow Islamic terrorist to focus on both hard and soft targets much easier.

Civil disturbance and unrest is easily and quickly initiated and there is seldom a trail leading back to who actually started the action. All things considered, it would be wise for law enforcement to start putting their feelers out, tap their street resources and listen for any hints of this type activity.

It’s just a suggestion. :)

Be safe. Stay vigilant.