A glimpse into the Islamic mindset

A glimpse into the Islamic mindset

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

10 August 2009: Lately, people have forgotten that we are fighting a war for the very survival of our nation, our ideals, our culture and our freedom. Most people associate visible terrorism - bombs and bullets - with the war, failing to pay attention to the equally insidious assaults taking place through non-violent means.

Investigation conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network, as well as other agencies and individuals concerned over the welfare of our great nation, has confirmed that Islamic fundamentalists have made great inroads in the West. Inside many of the Saudi funded mosques and Islamic centers in the U.S. and Canada, Imams are preaching a doctrine of hate and intolerance against all non-Muslims, with specific hatred against Jews and Christians. As clearly illustrated in these videos, they are attempting to import a perverse culture to replace Western values and ideology. It is important that we remind ourselves that the future of our nation is at stake, and attacks are not limited to those of violence.

Three year-old girl on Jews: “They are ‘apes and pigs,’ urged by adult Muslim fundamentalist:


Watch the video at this link.

Grooming young children for martyrdom: Link

Using Mickey Mouse to teach hatred for Israel & the Jews: Video link

Do you know what is being taught at your local mosque?