Barack Hussein Obama -Security Threat to the United States

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

29 October 2008: I hate politics. I don’t like writing about them since my focus is on terrorism and not the happenings in the beltway. However, before you cast your vote this November 4, 2008 you need to look at all the issues surrounding Barack Hussein Obama and think real hard about the repercussions of this individual being placed in charge of the most powerful, most proud, freedom based nation on this earth.

Barack Hussein Obama is a security risk to our nation both inwardly and outwardly.

Unfortunately right now we are in an economic crisis and when it comes to money people get a little out of whack, they tend to do things that they wouldn’t do under normal circumstances and they make rash decisions because of the fear that they could lose financially.

Please step back from your wallet and bank account, your 401K and your stock holdings for one brief minute or so and look at the big picture. Look at the next four years. Look at your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors, your town, your community, or the city you live in. Look at your country.

George W. Bush did not place us in this economic crisis, first and foremost. He may have contributed to some of it by no means did he start this problem. This problem started back decades ago in reality. So long ago that many of the registered voters wouldn’t even remember because they weren’t even a gleam in their daddy’s eye yet. However, they are registered voters today and they are the nucleus of a voting disaster about to happen. If you are 45-50 or older you remember Jimmy Carter, the “peacemaker” at any cost, willing to compromise with any entity regardless of the assumed risks that those relationships would bring about. Most people equate Jimmy Carter to peanuts and “Habitats for Humanity” and know little else about this guy.

On Tuesday April 15, 2008 (this year) this senile, terrorist honoring jackass named Jimmy Carter laid a wreath at the grave of Yasser Arafat in Ramallah in honor of the man who pushed Middle Eastern to the level that it is today. Yasser Arafat, the father of Middle Eastern Terrorism for the cause of the Palestinians should have had his grave urinated on, not have a wreath placed on it by a former US President.

Under Carter’s disastrous reign, our inflation rose to 16%, our interest rates were at 22% and the marginal taxes were 70%. (Marginal Tax Rate- the percentage of extra income received that must be paid in taxes.)  He pushed for Equal Housing for all minorities which in essence means “Put them in a house regardless of whether or not they can afford it”. This type of thinking, this socialistic approach to fair housing has finally caught up with us and a great amount of people want to push us into the brink of no return by voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

Let’s look at Obama’s plan to redistribute the wealth. Capitalists call it socialism.

so?cial?ism [soh-shuh-liz-uhm] Noun-

  • a term applied about 1872, at first in ridicule, to a group of German political economists who advocated state aid for the betterment of the working classes.
  • a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
  • (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

Socialism is a trademark of a transition of a society to communism, although not all socialists are communists. Capitalism, one of the greatest freedoms we have will slowly disappear once Barack Hussein Obama is in office. Remember this fact when you think about “Change” as promised by this individual. We have already allowed a few items get past us over the years and in my lifetime I have noticed the changes in our society, rights and laws, political system, business practices and the way we live our lives. There will be changes under the reign of Obama but they won’t be the changes you might be thinking are coming that would actually enhance life for the average person in the United States.

The problem arises when people in office sign bills into legislation that last longer than their presidential terms. They become laws, they become reality and you are stuck with them good or bad.

There were laws signed some time back that made companies hire according to race and gender as opposed to qualifications for the job. They were presented under the guise of being “Equal Opportunity” when in fact they removed the “equal” part completely. For instance, if you are a Caucasian applying for a job for which you are qualified you may well be rejected for the position purely based on the fact that you are Caucasian and not the designated ethnic background that the employer is required to hire for that position. Therefore, the term “Equal Opportunity Employer” is actually a misnomer, an actual lie designed to create an unequal playing field in order to fulfill a preset government quota.

This was initially designed for the African-Americans within our society in an effort to appease them. Radical speakers like Martin Luther King and Malcom X promoted these ideas and for those of us old enough to remember the race riots in Detroit and Los Angeles, these riots were a direct byproduct of these black radical speakers. They spoke of equality yet failed to explain to an entire race exactly what true equality meant. They insisted that equality would be brought about by protests, violence and shifting laws and legislation to accommodate blacks regardless of how they applied themselves or their qualifications in any situation. When you place one race ahead of another, you are doing nothing but practicing Racism yourself. In essence, laws were implemented to elevate the black people within the work place and housing markets regardless of their qualifications, education, work ethic or willingness to achieve a better life for themselves and their families. It was some sort of reverse discrimination automatically induced into our society as it placed one race in front of another based on nothing more than color.

To further illustrate how the race issue is out of balance, watch the news and notice that if three black kids beat up a white kid on a school bus, it is simply a fight. If the color roles are reversed and it is three white kids beating up on a black kid, it is now labeled as a “Hate Crime” and assault charges are pressed along with “Hate Crime” punishment additional punishments. That’s equality?

This exact game plan opened the door for the Muslims as they are following the exact patterns of the radical black movement in the 60’s and 70′. CAIR is a Muslim version of the NAACP and they are twisting the laws of this country to where they are almost impossible to recognize as reasonable.

I admire men like Colin Powell who achieved great successes without playing the “Race Card”. Among my list of accomplished favorite entertainers are Samuel L. Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Bill Cosby. See, nobody forced me to accept these people as I choose them because of their talents, their drive and their achievements. I have met some brilliant doctors and businessmen who are black. They are successful because they chose to be.  They didn’t come from rich families, but instead they started out with a dream, worked hard and achieved it. That makes them very equal as men in my eyes. Most of these people that I’ve spoken with whether at a meeting or over lunch have commented on their disappointment at people playing the “Race Card” as they feel it is an insult to their own race.

Yet, when we look closely at Barack Hussein Obama, that quality of achievement based on hard work doesn’t apply. This man was cultivated from a young age to be inserted into American Politics to empower groups of people that personally I don’t think we should give any more leverage within our society and we especially don’t want them with any political power within this great nation. It will lead to our demise. His birth records are still not 100% clear as to whether he should even be allowed to run for President. His radical affiliations with Black Empowerment groups cannot be discounted simply because he has maintained a distance during the elections. He is fully endorsed by CAIR which should throw red flags up across the board as it is a signal that the Islamic infiltration into our society and the American political system will move forward almost unfettered and surely with his full support.

If you think that “Equal Opportunity” is out of kilter now, you can be assured that it will become such a huge issue that violence across this country will erupt in many major cities. He will instill a hatred between black people and white people due to laws passed in favor of ethnic minorities while disregarding the rights of the American people overall, as a whole. This is a huge country made up of many ethnic backgrounds and cultures. The laws must be fair to everyone, not just a select segment of the population.

All the promises of government programs will cost a bundle and if you notice, every time the subject comes up, he refers to the 10 Billion being spent in Iraq each month. This indicates that he will withdraw the troops from trouble spots around the world which will create a multitude of Taliban style governments which will unite and bring their jihad directly to our homeland. He has no choice but to raise taxes in order to implement his programs and regardless of the promises, the middle class will feel this tax hike too. The money has to come from somewhere and the 10% that he wants to go after for money still cannot foot the bill for all his promises.

Barack Hussein Obama will sit down with terrorist states like Iran and Syria and trade off American freedoms and diminish the security of this great nation much like Jimmy Carter did. Islam will become a huge factor in the makeup of the American Political system to the point that it will severely diminish our freedoms and liberties. We are already inundated with a huge Islamic movement, designed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Rouge Islamic States to bring about the destruction and destroy the sovereignty of this great country. The monies are flowing in from overseas to build mosques, fund lobbyists and lawyers in Washington DC and funneling into the black communities that surround these inner city mosques. Between Muslims and disenchanted blacks across this country, we have a huge militant, anti-US establishment army forming right under our very noses. This means nothing but trouble if we put this man, Barack Hussein Obama in office. His entire background is one of organized protests, black militancy, black radical ideology, Islamic schooling and doctrine, lies and suspicious associates.

Did it not strike anybody as odd that this guy popped up after 9/11 when we went to war with Islamic Terrorists and people were disgruntled with George W. Bush? Islam is at our doorstep waiting to gain entry and you can be sure that Barack Hussein Obama will usher them right in.

People fail to realize that we, the United States of America  are the primary wall between Islam and the rest of the world being taken over by these insane Muslims. Look around the world. Lease show me one place where Islam is predominant in the society that is a place where you would want to live and raise your children and grandchildren. Islam brings death, destruction, murder, poverty, civil unrest, destruction of access to capitalism by all men and wealth is distributed to a select few within the society. Sharia banking will infiltrate into our society which will undermine the entire banking system and destroy us financially.

Let’s look over at oil rich Saudi Arabia where the rich and elite do quite nicely yet the lower class is impoverished. 30-40% of the population living in Saudi Arabia live on less than 1200 Riyals ($330) per month (current rate exchange as of today) which is the poverty threshold there.  That is based on a family of six. The US poverty threshold for a family of six in 2007 was $2300 a month and only 12-16% of our population falls into this category. If Barack Hussein Obama gets into office and starts to implement his strategy of spreading it around, the percentage of our families living in poverty will soar to record levels. Add to this the Global Economic Crisis and we will see poverty numbers you cannot even imagine.

As if economic despair isn’t enough for any country to handle, you will see a deterioration of our military and our national defense overall. DHS will be overhauled to where they are even less powerful than they are today. The FBI will lose a vast majority of its ability to investigate any that is black or Muslim and we will be open targets for our enemies. China has already placed a stranglehold on our economy with its flooding of our markets of cheap, poorly made and non-regulated products including foods for animals and pets that contain poisons that kill. You can thank Bill Clinton and his wanting to kiss up to the Chinese regime for much of our economic woes today. Remember what I said about have we end up living with deals made by previous presidents.

China as of August 2008, according to the US Treasury owns 541 Billion dollars of our gross national up 70 Billion from a year ago August. Japan holds the highest debt which is 586 Billion as of August 2008 yet they are down from the previous August by 10 Billion. The “Oil Exporters” are sitting at 180 Billion up 45 Billion from August of 2007.

Our national debt is shifting to our enemies. That’s not a healthy place to be.

It is not wise to trade National Security for a false Economic Security. Economic security cannot exist within a country where National Security has been compromised. Don’t sell your life, your freedoms and your safety to Barack Hussein Obama for the price of a single vote. You will regret it years from now. We all will regret your decision.

Be safe, Stay vigilant. Recognize the wolf that comes in sheep’s clothing.