Separating patriots from punks

Separating patriots from punks

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst & Contributor

There is undoubtedly a patriot movement underway in the US right now - several, in fact - many striving in the same direction, while others are so far off course that they simply should not be considered as patriotic in any way. The latter are jeopardizing true patriotism and real patriots should distance themselves from these people and realize that they are the ones that give the federal government the ability to label them as “extremists” and a detriment to our country.  This is because some of these so called “patriots” are not true American patriots.

Definition of a PATRIOT:

1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

The Patriot Movement becomes visible

The election of Barack Hussein Obama brought about a huge surge of people who have grown openly concerned with the state of our country and the trampling of Constitutional rights. Most Americans are naturally patriotic as we are a proud people and we relish and enjoy our freedoms and liberties. When someone threatens these, we call them out.  This premise is what our country was established upon, our Constitution was designed around and our laws are supposed to protect. Unfortunately, a few years back we started trading liberties and freedoms for a false sense of security and this was in progress long before Barack Hussein Obama came into power, actually long before Bush was President.

Barack Hussein Obama is accountable because he spent two years lying to the American people and has yet to deliver on a campaign promise. Bush is most noted because in his reactions to terrorism he conducted himself like a bull in a china shop and stripped rights away under the guise of providing security with his infamous mindset of the US Constitution just being a “g-ddamned piece of paper” as he stated in a meeting in November 2005, in the Oval Office when negotiating the renewal of the Patriot Act. This should have been more appropriately named the “Police State Act” as it went far past being a written instrument of protection of the American people, and well into an infringement on the rights of Americans.  Only as rights and liberties were becoming trampled in huge blanket legislation under Bush, did the patriots start to compare notes, congregate and become somewhat verbal.

Then, the one that many Americans thought would reverse the Bush policies and doctrines, Barack Hussein Obama, showed up. Problem with Obama is, not only did he not change anything, he complicated matters with his Socialist agenda, reckless spending with no accountability, his desire to negotiate with those that would kill us and his lack of ability, limiting him to run anything more than a lemonade stand. Barack Hussein Obama was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Many of his voters have turned on him since November. Obama actually helped create patriotic dissention in massive numbers across the US, much to his fear and dismay, his November voters being noticed as dissenters too.

Patriots versus Non-Patriots posing as Patriots

Patriots, by accurate description are admirable people. They are the backbone of this country, they support our freedoms, they are willing to die to protect this country and they are of the same fiber as our founding fathers.  They understand the fine line of safety and security against aggression without trampling and disregarding our rights and freedoms. They support our freedoms and sovereignty as a people, as a nation and want no part of a one world governing body. They understand that our enemies are both foreign and domestic in origin. They support our men and women in uniform, even if they disagree with the politicians that send them to war or the premise of the war. They look for the wolf in sheep’s clothing and are wary of them. They agree that the military should not be enforcing any domestic policies in the role of law enforcement, as we are not a Nazi or Stalin police state. They believe in our right to bear arms and question anyone who would strip us of this right. They may disagree with other Americans but they will also defend those Americans and protect their right to disagree. They seek to defend and uphold the Constitution in its purest form. They are true to the flag. They would rather fight to correct our problems and keep our republic intact than to abandon America and turn against it by siding with our enemies. That is a true patriot.

Then there are the so-called patriots that are turncoats and traitors. There are several very visible movements and websites made up of this type of false patriotism. They are not patriots and should be shunned. They are so anti-government that they actually wish harm on our soldiers, on our country and openly have sided with the enemies of the United States. They are promoters of anarchy, are very racist in their opinions and are not based in reality. They cheer on any regime that wants to destroy Israel, kill Jews or attack the United States and her allies, condone and defend terrorists and terrorist states and refuse to recognize that some military actions are indeed justified.  They blame the US government for every problem in the world, make up wild conspiracy theories with no proof or basis and seek the total destruction of our government and our way of life.

These are the people that cause problems for true patriots and patriot movements. Most noticeable is that they are in it for the money, not for love of country. They take any small issue, often irrelevant and twist the wording to fit their propaganda agenda. They create panic and create fear and seem to appeal to the people that are just shy of logic and reasoning. These same people are the ones that draw fire from government agencies as right wing extremists and unfortunately the true patriots get swept up into this category as it is the government’s job under Obama to quell dissention and they do so by lumping anyone with an opposing viewpoint into this category.

No one, as a true American would question the motives of a true American patriot whereas many would [rightfully] question people posing as patriots that are calling for the overthrow and destruction of the United States. The government has a tendency to paint political groups of people with a very large brush and these non-patriots are affording government agencies the ability to do just that, to lump true patriots in with anarchists and traitors. That is where the separation line needs to be. Unfortunately the only two sides recognized in this country is “right” and “left”, Republican or Democrat. Independents and variations of either side are not really recognized anymore in our political spectrum. That is where the true patriots need to denounce the non-patriot anarchist types, the people that are so against the government that they have actually openly sided with the enemies of the United States. These people think that because there has been questionable behavior by the United States in the past that every single thing we do as a country is evil. They believe any authority is evil.

Rather than being a true patriot and change it, they think that we should abandon the concept of the United States as a whole and submit to our enemies. They speak out against our troops, they openly cheer when our soldiers get killed and these same people also openly promote the advance of Islam within our country and government. They seem to blame the Jewish people for any and all problems in the Middle East by calling all Jewish people “Zionists”. The racism that you read see on these particular websites and forums sound like Nazi gathering places and certainly have drawn the attention of the US government. Why? It is because these non-patriots posing as and calling themselves patriots are indeed a detriment to this great nation. These websites whip people up into a panicked frenzy with propaganda and racial overtones and the ant-American and anti-Jewish venom on these sites is alarming. They openly speak about shooting law enforcement officers, killing Jews, gloat anytime our soldiers are killed or injured and they openly side with our enemies on every single issue and spread fear and propaganda at an alarming rate. These same people will occasionally cover a “Tea Party” , “Tax Reform” or call to “Audit the Fed” on their websites and claim to support it, although true patriots should not seek support from this fringe element trying to slip under the radar under the guise of calling themselves patriots.

Since these anarchist non-patriots claiming to be patriot types are certainly not considered as “left” in the two-sided political spectrum, they are unfortunately shoved off into the “right” side and bring shame to normal, sane and rational people on the “right” side of the political aisle. This mixing of people on the “right” [Right, Far Right, Extreme Right, and Out-Where-The-Buses-Don't-Run Right] explains how many patriotic Americans get swept up in and categorized in government documents like the infamous MIAC report and are frequently mentioned in DHS Bulletins.

It’s time to separate the patriots from the punks.

It works to this administrations advantage to be able to lump true patriots in with these anarchists posing as patriots. Problem is that we are allowing them lump us together due to our silence and that is where we as patriots lose the support of the American people as we are then  seen as anti-American, and not as American Patriots. This lumping together will destroy the chance of true patriotic reform in this country since patriots are being lumped in with traitors. There is a distinct difference yet right now, the line is blurred.

As it stands, reform is not on the horizon for true patriots since the company we keep is questionable.

One has to wonder if some of these groups and websites are being funded by the government under the fearful current administration to keep true American patriots and non-patriot traitors all lumped together, in order to quell dissention and draw the focus of law enforcement on anyone not towing the leftist, socialist party line.

Conspiracy Theories

The trademark of most of the truly non-patriotic anarchists is the abundance of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories they put forward, offering no proof whatsoever and ruthlessly twisting the facts or fabricating evidence to where it fits for their propaganda. In turn, the take any and all things done by the government and make it out to be conspiracy related.

Are there conspiracies going on around us? Certainly there are. Yet realistically, we don’t live in a scenario as depicted in a movie such as the Matrix. The favorite conspiracy theory is that “9/11 was an inside job.” Is it possible? Yes, of course the possibility exists. There are certainly questionable aspects surrounding 9/11 that should be addressed. Those legitimate questions and irregularities that still linger differ from other, more outrageous conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 such as:

  • The claim that there were no commercial planes on 9/11
  • There were no planes, they were either remote controlled aircraft or missiles
  • All of the live news coverage was the result of digital manipulation by the media
  • There were no Arab hijackers on these flights
  • Entire lists of passengers either didn’t exist or were offloaded and killed by the government
  • The twin towers were brought down by explosives planted by the government as well as WTC 7
  • Mossad and the CIA are responsible for all of this

The list goes on and on. Are there elements of truth to some issues deemed conspiratorial? Certainly, although I haven’t seen solid proof to where I’m ready to imprison someone as of yet for it. I think the 9/11 Commission was a sham, a farce and was along the same lines as the Warren Commission findings regarding JFK’s assassination. Killing 3,000 people to further a political agenda is a horrid thought, yet possible. The benefactors of 9/11 appear to be the government and the Military-Industrial Complex to date, yet to have a conspiracy of this magnitude would require cooperation of hundreds perhaps thousands of people and one would think that one of them would have had a twinge of conscience and would have stepped forward and provided solid evidence of the conspiracy. So far, all we have heard is speculation and no solid evidence. Once again, there could be rogue elements in the government here and there that would entertain and do such a thing, but to say the US Government as a whole, all offices and agencies going along with it, is a bit of a stretch for me.

What the conspiracy theories have proven to date is that no one knows exactly what happened or what exactly led up to the events of that day. They have also created a seed that has grown into a blanket mistrust of the government and this has fueled the anarchist type movements as they are convinced that America as a whole is evil and bad and have turned on this country altogether. These anarchist types, posing as patriots blame the CIA and Mossad for anything that happens here and abroad. They want to elaborate on America’s failures and mistakes as opposed to seeking positive legislative changes, government reforms, accountability and a better future for our children. They openly side with the enemy as opposed to trying to save the Republic. In their eyes we have already lost.

Is the government getting out of hand as to trampling our rights and freedoms? Yes, indeed they are. Yet this will only change once we establish a firm unified front of the people and by the people, operating in facts, carefully organized, well orchestrated, devoid of anarchists and dangerous anti-American entities, fully focused on regaining control of this nation. This will require leadership, devotion and the willingness to make sacrifices. So far, all I hear is talk. We have no leader for a patriot movement as of yet.

America has its problems yet I haven’t given up on the old girl. I propose to try to change it, not just burn it to the ground and submit to the enemies of the United States by joining them.  We owe her that much.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.