Fallacies of the “9/11 Truth Movement”

Fallacies of the “9/11 Truth Movement”

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst & Contributor

The members and subsidiary members of the 9/11 Truth Movement are for the most part confused, delusional and are being manipulated by their handlers. Originally their handlers were the Democratic left seeking to push Bush out of office. Since then, their handlers have changed hands to failed politicians, alternative media personalities that are in it just for the money and the purely anti-establishment types that we have had around for decades, the ones that bitch and complain no matter who is in office. They try to muster support by including actors, former and failed politicians, and bottom of the barrel entertainers in their ranks. This only adds to their discredit. Put it this way. When you parade “The artist formerly known as Prince” as a spokesman for your cause, you are scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel. Face it, you lack credibility.

The 9/11 Truth Movement was originally established by the left wing segment of our society, nurtured by the left wing political wing, drew the votes of the left wing in 2008 and now the left wing has turned on them and labeled them as “right-wing anti-government extremists” in an effort to suppress them as they are no longer needed or wanted by the left. These people mere pawns, abandoned in a political game. The left doesn’t want them and the right side of the aisle; the true patriotic Americans certainly don’t want them. They are anti-government, anti-war, they side with the terrorists, and they claim that there is no threats from radical Islam or Islam in general and honestly think that George Bush ordered 9/11 as a covert operation to place us into a war. They aren’t patriots; they are more of an anarchist movement in nature. Many are actually traitors. They served their political purpose up until 2008 and the left no longer needs them.

These 9/11 Truthers first openly showed up in 2002 at a rally in San Francisco with the phrase “Bush Did It”. There were bloggers and some idiot alternative media types that chose to capitalize on this theme scattered about the world, mostly right here in the US. The vast majority of these first 9/11 Truthers were Democrats and slowly as time went on, people from the left, right and middle-of-the-road joined in their cause but the 9/11 Truth Movement members were predominantly left wing Democrats. Eventually this movement was also joined by anti-government types who didn’t care who was in charge, they were conspiracy theorists determined to pin the events of 9/11 on the government. This is where this movement really started to lose their credibility with Americans.

The “Truther Movement” today is an odd blend of left and right, mostly the extreme of both. These include left extremists, right extremists, racists, fascists and anarchists yet they proclaim to be against these same traits within the government. To illustrate this further, simply visit a few of their websites, forums and discussion boards and post something that is in disagreement with “9/11 Truther Philosophy”.

To be in disagreement there all you have to do is question the Truther Movement or any aspect of it, disagree with a 9/11 government conspiracy or insist that Islam is a threat to America and al Qaeda is the enemy. Watch what happens. Your posts are censored, usually deleted, and you, the poster are attacked. Meanwhile they claim to be for “Freedom of Speech” and “Liberty for all”. However, if you post something that is racist and anti-Semitic, you are welcomed.  These people aren’t patriots. They are simply racist malcontents, the disenchanted ones within our society. Most are not much different from Nazis.

Initially their quest was to get answers to questions about the circumstances and events before, during and after the 9/11 attacks. No problem, many of us had questions and the government certainly wasn’t acting very quickly to provide answers. We should always question our government as we are people, not sheep. Meanwhile, due to silence from the government, suspicion of the government grew among these people and the governments silence only added fuel to the fire. The Democratic Party saw an opportunity to oust George Bush using these leftist pawns, already in place.

Then in 2004 the 9/11 commission released that much awaited document, the theatrical piece often referred to as the 9/11 Report. Great. Once again, more questions than answers.

In 2006, as if on cue the 9/11 Truth Movement seemed to ratchet up speed quite a bit, noticeably right around the time that the Democrats started heavily campaigning to throw Bush out of the White House in the upcoming elections in 2008. The Democratic left supported the 9/11 Truthers and people like Cindy Sheehan as it was the best way to assure that a Republican would not occupy the White House from 2009-2013. [2008-2012]. It was an all out rally against Bush, Cheney and the entire Republican Party and they would all join forces in an “Anti-War” posture to oust Bush. Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama all joined in on the anti-war rhetoric as it insured votes. It worked too as most of these 9/11 Truthers actually put this clown in the White House. Granted, these people hated Bush so much that if Bozo the Clown had been on the Democratic ticket, he would have been voted into office.

Once Barack Hussein Obama was in office, suddenly the honeymoon ended between the Democrats and the 9/11 Truth Movement. The honeymoon between Cindy Sheehan and the left ended too. Obama no longer needed these people as he was safely empowered over into our Executive branch and had also managed to corrupt and pollute our legislative branch with his cronies, all on the backs of people he and they had openly lied to in order to get elected. Since then Barack Hussein Obama has surrounded himself with Marxists, terrorist, communists, socialists, eugenicists, abortionists, thieves, crooks, frauds and swindlers. Barack Hussein Obama had broken all his promises to these people, the 9/11 Truthers and they since have turned on him. In order to get rid of them, the democrats labeled them as “Right Wing Extremists” and lump them in with Patriotic Americans who happen to disagree with Barack Hussein Obama and his policies.

The battle cry of the 9/11 Truth Movement is that “9/11 was an inside job”. Problem is that they haven’t yet presented any hard solid facts that support this theory. Their supposed proof falls more into the category of anomalies and mistakes made that fateful day. Granted, errors were made. Certain things don’t fit exactly and in some cases, answers haven’t been provided yet this doesn’t prove that George W. Bush ordered 9/11 as a covert operation. Had he ordered it, this would have required hundreds, possibly thousands of people, would have had to include his staff, the Pentagon, NSA, CIA, Air Force, NORAD, the NYPD, NYFD, the FBI among a host of other participants. Think about that and do the math. It isn’t possible for this to have happened and it remain a secret. Face it; nothing is secret or confidential anymore in this government. If this scenario were true, someone would have leaked it and it would have been front page headlines in a reputable or recognized newspaper.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has another huge issue within their ranks. What I just described above is only one scenario proclaimed by these people. They have no valid centralized theory or any proof based on valid investigation.  In fact, they haven’t done much at all in the way of valid investigation. As you examine the Truther theories, which I encourage you to examine thoroughly, they are based on speculation, hypothesis, verbal mistakes by reporters, verbal mistakes made by officials, timeline non-issues, digitally manipulated films [by the "truth movement"], supposed flight paths, a host of other items that are meaningless by themselves or as a whole. Their case is circumstantial through and through.

Let’s look at a few of their theories.

  • George W. Bush and Cheney ordered 9/11 assisted by the CIA. By far the most popular theory and not a shred of evidence to prove this.
  • There were no Arab hijackers on the planes. Okay, then who were the hijackers?
  • There were no commercial planes on 9/11. Thousands of New Yorkers only imagined this?
  • The passenger lists of people that died that day never really existed. I guess the airlines were in on it too?
  • The people on the passenger lists were offloaded and killed by the government prior to the attacks so they could use the empty planes as they did. Once again, the airlines were in on this?
  • There were no planes- they were missiles painted to look like planes. A bit far-fetched but a Truther favorite.
  • The FBI or CIA imported and trained the hijackers, sent them to flight school and even paid for their airline tickets. This type of accusation stems from the fact that neither agency has been forthcoming in relaying facts and evidence to the American people. This is largely due to the fact that in any terrorist attack, these agencies end up with egg on their faces due to intelligence failures or due to the fact that they didn’t act on evidence they did have. Same thing happened with the OKC bombing and neither agency’s willingness to say that there was Middle Eastern involvement. They tried to cover that up for whatever reason. In doing so, they look either inept or complicit.
  • All of the media outlets, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Reuters, [all media outlets] were part of a huge digital conspiracy by broadcasting fake vents that didn’t really occur. Once again, too many people would have to be involved to keep it a secret.
  • That Building 7 [WTC 7] was brought down by controlled demolition using Thermite. Granted, that film of the WTC 7 collapse does look like a controlled demolition yet the “Truthers” use this cinematic anomaly to claim that the twin towers were also brought down by controlled demolition. This is perhaps their biggest “fuzzy math” problem as they lump all the building together as brought down in this manner, and they lack any proof that the two towers were brought down by anything other than airplanes, fuel and fire.  This particular event, the falling of WTC 7 fostered in another 9/11 Movement, the “Architects for 9/11 Truth”. My point is that even if they brought WTC 7 down by controlled demolition, so what? It was several hours after the twin towers collapsed, the building was engulfed in fire [look at all the footage, all sides of WTC 7, not just the one side the Truthers focus on]. In my opinion, if the building was damaged to where it was dangerous to rescue efforts perhaps complicating them if left alone, suddenly collapsing later while the area is full of rescue workers, I would have ordered it brought down in a controlled manner. If they did make this decision, then the powers that be should just come forward, say they did it and explain why. Like I said, if it were my choice, I would have brought it down so we could get busy with the hours, days, weeks and months of first rescue, then recovery and cleanup. Had they left it standing, it may have collapsed when the area was full of thousands of rescue workers. Then we would have 4,000 dead instead of 3,000. The Truthers additional argument is that firefighters and others were warned ahead of time that WTC 7 was coming down and even cleared the area for the collapse. In my opinion, after watching the twin towers fall, it was probably a pretty safe bet to assume that this WTC 7 would fall too, considering engineers were on scene to make this call after surveying the damage. I’m glad they did or there would have been many, many more deaths that day.
  • There were no Jews or Israelis in the twin towers on 9/11 because they knew of the attacks in advance. This is a ridiculous statement as if you simply check the names of those that perished; it shows many, many Jewish names. Truthers won’t even engage in a debate on this one, they just throw it out there for the simple minds to take for fact.
  • The five Jews arrested while videotaping on 9/11 is offered as proof by the “Truthers” that Israel and the Mossad orchestrated 9/11. First, many people filmed these events. Secondly, the “Truthers” mention the fact that the Jews had box cutters in their moving van, therefore tying them to the hijackings. Gee, a moving van with box cutters in it. How odd.
  • The MOSSAD knew of the hijackings in advance. I’m quite sure they did and this is actually acknowledged by some accounts. Seems other intelligence agencies warned us too. We just didn’t listen. No one knew exactly when and where.  This is actually probably closest to the truth of any theory. However, the theory doesn’t prove any complicity by the MOSSAD. It shows that they are great at collecting and analyzing intelligence. It is our job to protect our country, not their job.
  • The US Government designed and implemented 9/11 because the Truthers have knowledge of “Operation Northwoods” and the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” so therefore the government did this to draw us into war. One, “Operation Northwoods” never materialized. Its contents were also released to the public by the government. Two, the government has also acknowledged that the Gulf of Tonkin incident as initially described was in fact not true. Once again, the government acknowledged this and released the facts to the public. Seems to me that the government has been pretty straightforward on these incidents, although not at first. We are also in the 21st century now and things aren’t as easy to keep secret as they were back then. As well, 9/11 happened for the entire world to see, in broad daylight, not in some gulf 3000 miles away with no eye witnesses or live news coverage.
  • That the US Government employs Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda for terrorist attacks against US targets and US interests including the attacks of 9/11. So far probably the most ridiculous of the Truther’s claims. This stems from common knowledge that the CIA funded and trained the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan to fight the Russians. Bottom line is we terminated that relationship after the war. We also funded Saddam Hussein when he was fighting Iran. That relationship was also obviously terminated. Obviously not the most brilliant ideas we ever had as far as strategic alliances, yet history is just that, history. Cannot change it.
  • The supposition that anyone who may have questioned the events of 9/11 who happens to die, even from natural causes was killed to cover up a government conspiracy. Another ridiculous theory since the people that have died “suspiciously” had already spoken publicly and what they said still didn’t yield any evidence. It would be pointless to eliminate them as their words proved nothing that could be construed as any type of evidence.

These are just a few of the various 9/11 Truth Movement [and variations of the individual movements] unsubstantiated, unproven accusations against the US government. There are many, many more.

Truth be known, there are questions surrounding 9/11. Some of these might suggest government ignorance or massive security failures. Some evidence even suggests that there are rogue traitors within certain government agencies or that our security had been compromised by outsiders. [This is the most likely scenario] However, the actions of a few men still won’t give it the official stamp of “US Government Sanctioned”. I have a couple of theories yet have never spoken of them simply because I do not have solid proof or evidence.  Only solid evidence brings convictions.

To date, I have not seen one single solid, irrefutable piece of evidence that proves that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated and conducted officially or even unofficially [covertly] by the US Government. Proof is what is needed, not speculation. Solid irrefutable evidence.  This is where Truthers drop the ball.

One of the better known 9/11 Truther Movements does not only suggest the government was involved in 9/11 but has even openly sided with our sworn enemies by condoning attacks against our troops. They whip people into a fanatical frenzy on their website with all their doomsday conspiracies, claim that the Jews are the problem all over the world and in purely Nazi fashion think all Jews should be exterminated. They openly support Iran and their efforts to obtain nukes for use against the west and our allies and they support the Palestinians and openly approve of attacks against Israel by Palestinians. They ridicule any efforts by law enforcement to arrest and prosecute Islamic terrorists and openly defend the terrorists. They openly ridicule people that are truly patriotic yet don’t buy into their 9/11 conspiracy rhetoric.  Occasionally they might actually have an article about a valid patriotic American issue but only enough to try and claim they are true American Patriots. The rest of their efforts and claims are pure sewage. It is a money making racket and a political racket. They prey on the disenchanted ones in our society, sell them T-Shirts, DVD’s and request donations for the movement as well as also try to garner support for politicians who are the “2012 Savior” and the answer to all our political problems. To date, none of their “Doomsday” projections has come to pass.

Once again, the9/11 Truther movements and subsidiary pawns are being used for political gain, for votes in 2012 except by the other team this time. Pawns fed by conspiracy, racism, rhetoric and empty promises from their handlers. Drained of money by their new masters who aren’t truly patriots, just power hungry money grabbers like the people they complain about. A true Patriot doesn’t turn his back on his country. These people have not only turned their back, they are now playing for the other team.

The true American patriot reputations are being smeared by these people since there isn’t a clear line between the true patriots and these racist, anarchist punks. The lefties dumped them into the backyard of the true patriot movement as an effort to discredit the true patriots. We have to separate ourselves from them. Go to their websites, post in the comment and forum sections and let them know that we don’t want to be associated with them. We don’t want to be associated with racist, anti-American anarchists or Nazism. We don’t side with our enemies for political gain. Let them know that we don’t support Islamic terrorism. Let them know that we do support our troops regardless of our feeling regarding the wars we are engaged in. Let them know we intend to defend against any and all enemies of the United States both foreign and domestic [which may well include them]. Let them know we have no use for terrorist sympathizers.  Let them know that we are well aware of what is wrong in this country and we will fix it without their help. We will save the country, not burn it to the ground as they choose to do.

Make them aware. Do it right now.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.