Islam Does Not Qualify Under US Constitution “Freedom of Religion” Rights

Islam Does Not Qualify Under US Constitution “Freedom of Religion” Rights

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst & Contributor

Wake up America, Islam is not just a religion. It is an entire political, cultural and monetary system designed around their so called “Religion.” Islam and its various advocacy groups are trying to garner sympathy and support from Americans who do not fully understand this wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing. Most Americans simply dismiss issues surrounding Islam thinking that Muslims are simply exercising their religious rights under the 1st Amendment. This is not true.

Islam is abusing and perverting the rights afforded to religions under the 1st Amendment. It has to stop.

A shining example of the blatant abuse of the 1st Amendment by Islam is the issue of facial or head coverings. Islamic advocates insist that this is their religious right and therefore should be exempt from US law. This is a bold, outright lie. The facial and head coverings are a CULTURAL issue and have absolutely nothing to do with the religion of Islam.  Nowhere in the Quran does it instruct women to cover their faces. They are instructed to cover their bosoms. Notably, you will see Muslim women covering their heads and faces with a scarf meanwhile wearing tight form fitting jeans and top with their nipples showing through the material. At that point one can safely dismiss the validity of the issue regarding the required religious modesty of the Muslim women. If I can tell what kind of panties you are wearing and can clearly see your breasts and nipples, you might as well forget the headscarf. Modesty at that time is a moot point.

Meanwhile, the Muslims want to try and push this issue as a religious issue when in fact, that could not be further from the truth.  Yet ignorant politicians, leaders of state and useless judges seem to think this is a religious right. If I have to take my sunglasses off for a driver’s license photo, then they have no right to cover their faces or heads. When we allow these perversions of the US Constitution by Muslims, the United States is now discriminating against most Americans.

Another disgrace to America, the west, and our values is when you see Muslims in official uniforms for various branches of the western governments adorned in headscarves or Hijabs. You will definitely see this in some airports around the security checkpoints. Reality is that I should be searching them, not them searching me and my baggage. It should be law that the uniforms have to be the uniforms of the government or government entity, no personal deviations. If you cannot leave your cultural preferences behind for an eight hour shift, you should not be working there. Period. At this rate our military will eventually be wearing turbans on the battlefield. Won’t that be just precious?

The crux of the problem lies with poor immigration laws and enforcement of those laws in western countries. Right now, the Muslim population in the US is at a fairly low percentage and every effort should be made to keep it low. Unfortunately, when these people come here and are accepted as citizens, they also get the right to vote. The Muslims gather like roaches in small communities and when voting time comes, they vote Muslims into office in their towns, cities and districts. This will only increase as their population in western countries also increases. Look at Keith Ellison, the Muslim Congressman for instance. Since he has been in office in Minnesota we have has numerous incidents with regard to the Islamic issue in this country. The flying imams originated out of Minneapolis, there was a big problem with the cabbies in and around the airport there refusing to transport non-Muslims for various reasons and amazingly, many of the jihadists found fighting in Somalia originated from his district. Coincidence? Not likely.

No Muslim should be allowed to hold office anywhere in the United States or in any non-Muslim country period. This is not a racist statement either. This isn’t a racial issue, it is a political issue. It is a National Security Issue. When the majority of the people that want to see the United States destroyed happen to be Muslim, it is a National Security Issue. Allowing them in is no different than allowing a communist into office, or a Nazi or any other person that subscribes to a political philosophy different than ours, especially when it is a direct threat to our republic and our Constitution. Islam is a cancer and is spreading rapidly through our government. This has to stop.

The growth of Muslim populations in western society will also equate into the growth and presence of Islam in western society. This has to be stopped. The Islamic mosques and Islamic schools should be closed as they are dens of evil full of followers that want to see Shariah Law implemented into our societies. These buildings, once empty should be turned into battered women’s shelters. If you cannot find a use for them, then level them and turn them into public parks.

There has been a huge drive over the last 20-30 years to remove all references to God from our government buildings, court rooms and even the landscape. People insist that this is a separation of church from state yet at the same time, these same anti-religion advocates say nothing about the advancement of this Islamic filth into our government, schools, courts and bodies of government.  We have a government full of terrorist sympathizers and Muslim appeasers.

This has to stop America. It has to stop now. Patriots, it’s time to take this country back.

Be safe, Stay vigilant.