NY Terror Plot- Numerous Possibilities

NY Terror Plot- Numerous Possibilities

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst & Contributor

24 September 2009: As we watch the events unfold surrounding the arrests of the members of the suspected terrorist cell in New York I am reminded of one thing, when it comes to Islamic terrorism don’t take anything at face value. The NYPD should be commended for their arrests and diligence in this matter regardless of stepping on a few federal toes doing it. However, we must consider a few other possibilities while we try to piece together what their targets were and still are. After all, no one knows where the TATP type explosives are located at this time, if indeed they have been assembled. Assume worst case and work from that.

Another Possible Target

The US is and always will be a target for Islamic terrorists. They have stated this; we know this and their Islamic beliefs insure this. We are the Great Satan, the Infidels, the monkeys and pigs [along with Israel] to these murderous Muslims. However, in light of recent threats made against Germany by Al Hafidh Abu Talha, the German al Qaeda soldier, we cannot discount another possible scenario which I will describe here.

In my humble opinion, it is entirely possible that the United States wasn’t and isn’t the primary target here, but instead the people of Germany possibly were and may still be the intended targets. German people, German assets targeted within the US.

I present this theory on the heels of this huge bust and the coincidental timing of recent threats coming from Al Hafidh Abu Talha, the German al Qaeda through as Sahab Media and al Fajr Media both, as the fronts for al Qaeda terrorist propaganda production and distribution. His [as Sahab] video on “I Love You Oh Allah” was placed on servers [hidden-not public yet] on the 6th of September although not publicly released until the 21st of September; two weeks after that. That’s not normal procedure for their film releases. Even more odd was that the prior film message to Germany [al Fajr] “Security, the Common Denominator” which was uploaded AFTER, yet released PRIOR to “Oh, I love you Allah“. This in itself says that there was a disruption somewhere, something is out of place.

The arrested suspect, ZAZI’s sudden trip to New York on the 9th of September might have been ordered after the 6th, since the film “Oh, I love you Allah” was already loaded and ready for release once the terrorist act was completed. Fortunately, it may have been stopped by NYPD. Then again, perhaps it wasn’t.

He [Al Hafidh Abu Talha] openly threatened Germany in the second video as well as the previous one released on the 18th. I think the original attack was slated for between the 18th release “Security, the Common Denominator and the release of the second film “Oh, I love you Allah” on the 21st or after date of attack. If their plans were indeed interrupted, perhaps they went ahead and released the film anyway as it still portrays a threat, past, present and future. The release would also cast suspicion elsewhere as to who was connected to whom.

Bear in mind, Germany hasn’t had their “9/11 attack” yet. The US, the UK and Spain have. With this in mind, an attack against Germany doesn’t have to yield high body counts rivaling those of 9/11 in the US yet may be more along the lines of the Madrid Bombings noticeably lesser death toll. It also doesn’t have to happen in Germany. Many US assets are attacked overseas and the groups take credit for them. There is no reason that any message sent to Germany by al Qaeda has to occur on German soil. It just has to involve either German assets or take the lives of German people.

The explosives that are suspected of being used are the same type as were used in the London Bombings, a mix of Hydrogen Peroxide and Acetone. Acetone Peroxide, or TATP (triacetone triperoxide) is a high explosive that can be made from commonly found and easily purchased household items such as drain cleaner (sulfuric acid - H2SO4), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and acetone (CH3COCH3), a common organic solvent. In its finished form it is almost undetectable by bomb sniffing dogs or by conventional bomb detection systems which makes this mixture appealing to the terrorists. Mind you, this explosive is VERY unstable.

German Targets Outside of Germany

Let’s look at a few of the advantages and target possibilities for al Qaeda or even the Taliban to strike Germany through assets and people outside of Germany.

These could apply if this were an al Qaeda sanctioned terrorist act being planned. If this was purely a Lone Wolf scenario, then all bets are off.

  • I’m fairly convinced that there are far more al Qaeda trained foot soldiers within the US than there are in Germany. This gives al Qaeda and the Taliban a larger easier pool to pull from, already in place.
  • It would show Germany that their ally the US cannot protect them, even inside the USA borders. It would show al Qaeda’s operational and logistical advantage for actions because they have already infiltrated this country, the supposed leader in the War on Terror. Unfortunately we attempted to close the door after the fox was in the henhouse. We are still coddling Muslims and their populations which is where these Islamic murderers generate from.
  • A strike against Germany within the US also adds the frosting to the cake as no doubt some Americans and American assets will suffer or be killed.

There are many German assets within the US and abroad that could easily be isolated for attacks by al Qaeda. Here are a few.

  • German Embassies- goes without saying
  • Maybe against a company like StarParks Amusement Parks which are German owned Amusement Parks around Europe. The company, formerly the European division of what we know as Six Flags, owned seven amusement parks in Belgium (Walibi Belgium, Bellewaerde Park), the Netherlands (Walibi World), France (Walibi Lorraine, Walibi Rhône-Alpes, Walibi Aquitaine), and Germany (Movie Park Germany). Many well known US owned and operated amusement parks purchase their rides from German vendors that specialize in roller coasters and other rides.
  • German Cruise liners from companies like Crystal Cruises (USA) (GSA Germany: Vista Canaveral. Travel) or maybe AIDA Jobbörse (Germany) German Cruise Line out of Port Canaveral in Florida. A cruise ship attack would be devastating as far as loss of life and assets. I’ve always been surprised at the lack of attention to terrorism within the cruise line industry and the fact that the terrorist haven’t blown up a cruise liner…yet.
  • Germany has a couple of Airlines that fly in and out of the US. Two airlines are Lufthansa Airlines at numerous airports and LTU Airlines out of Miami. Any attacks on airliners would be quite devastating. Any attacks against personnel or passengers in the airport would be horrendous.
  • Perhaps the targets were to be subway passengers in and around Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the heavy population of German Americans and German immigrants living in that area. For that matter any community that holds a large concentration of German Americans and German immigrants could be a viable target.
  • Any German corporation with offices headquartered in New York City would also be an attractive target. There are many there to choose from.

My point is this. It is imperative that we do not assume that the arrests brought about the conclusion of this particular plot. We don’t know if there are explosives already manufactured and if they are we certainly don’t know where they are. We do not know nor can we assume this is the only cell working on this plot. What if there are ten cells spread across the US and we only bagged one of them. It is times like this that law enforcement needs the assistance of the people. If you know of something or suspect something then speak up.

We have become complacent in our society with regard to terrorism. The horrific events of September 11, 2001 seem to have faded from many people’s minds. It has been quiet. Actually far too quiet. We must always remain vigilant and aware. It isn’t because of law enforcement that there haven’t been any attacks to rival 9/11. It is because the terrorist masterminds haven’t put them into motion yet. Whether that is because we are becoming a haven for Muslims or our president is soft on Islam is unknown. We are a non-Muslim nation, a nation of infidels and as long as we keep a free, democratic society not governed by Sharia law, we will be a target. Bottom line is when they decide to attack; we aren’t going to be able to stop all attack attempts, period. Yet we can minimize their effectiveness.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.